A little chat I had with a Bumble Match

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Media propaganda is working very well and Bernie would have an easy win on his hands if it wasn’t for that. Exhibit 526,027,075: This person said “well he’s not running anyway so the point is moot” but she “wished him well”. This was after Bernie’s heart attack and my best guess is she heard CNN talk about the scale down of Bernie’s campaign but who knows. She didn’t even think he was running!

Hey, Bernie team: BUY MORE ADS

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Grassroots Bernie show for the peoples revolution…

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I've been watching this independent Bernie show for a little while now and feel it is a strong voice for our movement. Check it out and if you agree with me share it. It doesn't get a lot of views but I find it inspiring and meaningful coming from a regular revolutionary like us. #Bernie2020 #WeAreBernie

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My Litmus Test was Standing Rock, Sanders was the only one who stood with the protesters, while the Democrat and Republican leadership twiddled their thumbs

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I don't understand why this contrast hasn't been drawn really at all, with regards to Sanders unique integrity, and ability to stand when it matters.

Warren was my original Sanders, but her silence during the Standing Rock protests was deafening, as Native Americans were attacked using dogs, shot by armed mercenaries, and sprayed with freezing cold water in the dead of winter.

The protests went on for months, and Obama proved he could have ended the violence against the peaceful protesters at any time… by eventually denying the Dakota Access Pipeline permits after enough public pressure. Clinton mean while basically took the side of the executives trying to ram the pipeline through.

Warren finally released a statement in unity with the protesters… on the same day Obama denied the permits, acting in an entirely opportunistic fashion. Where the f*** was she when it mattered? I wasn't mad that she thought she was Native American (I'm not interested in debating her DNA either), I was mad that she had the gall to get in the mud with Trump over her ancestry after abandoning Native Americans when they needed her most. You get zero points for taking the right side of history after the fact, that is not bravery is cowardice.

I really don't think she will fight for us, let alone any establishment Democrat in this race. If you want to see M4A die, or compromised into a useless semi half measure like AHC, then vote for Warren.




I'm done playing games, we have one chance to have a truly transformative President, he may be the only one in our life time, and that health scare has made me realize just how mad I am at his competition, and those trying to now exploit his hard work from 2016.

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What Bernie represents.

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I put on my Blue Bernie shirt to run some errands this weekend. I was reminded of the first time I wore it and how for a brief moment, I found myself a little worried of attracting negative or even aggressive attention.

But as I put my hand on my chest, I was overwhelmed by another feeling. I felt my heart beating through the Bernie logo and It brought me back to my childhood. I remembered this feeling from years before when I wore my first Superman t-shirt.

Growing up, Superman was much more to me than just another comic hero to fawn over. This fictional character embodied all the values I hold dear and continue to strive toward: Truth, Justice and using your abilities to take care of others. A true personification of hope.

Now as an adult, I feel the same way wearing my red, white, and blue Bernie shirt. Bernie is the embodiment of Truth, Justice, Equality and Hope.

Since 2015, Bernie has helped refocus my rage and despair with a heartless broken system and replaced it with determination, purpose and hope.

I am proud to wear Bernie on my chest. Through a lifetime of fighting for truth, justice and equality, he has shown us what we are capable of and what we should strive for as a people. The status quo will not work anymore—There is no going back.

Thank you Bernie for lighting up this path and for never, EVER giving up. We are with you, shoulder to shoulder.

For all my friends out there. This is our chance to step toward that Bright, Hopeful, and Prosperous future for ALL that we dream of—the right of all Humanity.

Fight for your future!
Speak out! Spread the word! Donate your time, your expertise, your resources, and Volunteer!


Not me. Us!

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Policy Question: If a Federal Jobs Guarantee goes into effect, what happens to the economy during a federal shutdown?

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Random facts regarding federal shutdowns:

  • 13 federal shutdowns since 1981
  • The most recent shutdown in 2018/2019 was 35 days (even throughout the Christmas holiday) with an estimated loss of $ 11 billion.
    • ~800,00 federal employees (380,000 on furloughed pay, the rest working without pay)
    • Furloughed pay puts an estimated 60% of employees at risk of missing rent and bills as most Americans can't pay for an unexpected $ 400/500 bill

To my understanding, a FJG would substantially increase the number of federal employees, putting more families at risk during a federal shutdown.

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[Rant] I find it funny how easy it is to convince my republican friends and family to vote for Sanders than it is to convince my own Democratic family.

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Here's some context. I live in the tristate area of West Virginia. Where I'm from is a purple district as compared to rest of the state. My mom's side of the family is mostly republican and my dad's side of the family is mostly democratic. Me and my two siblings are independent but usually vote democrat. I have friends and acquaintances all across the political spectrum.

I don't try to discus politics with my republican friends and family, but when i do I always find a way to compromise with them. For instance they usually agree with me on the topic of legalizing marijuana, ending the mass incarceration rate, and getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't fully agree with Bernie Sanders, but would rather vote for him than they would Donald Trump.

Same can't be said about my democratic family. My mom plans on voting for Warren, mainly because she's tired of old white men running for president and thinks that Bernie's heart problems is now the end of his campaign. All my dad cares about is getting Trump out of office. He dislikes Sanders and Warren because he thinks their policies will never get passed. While he dislikes Biden, he's probably going to vote for him. My sister likes Bernie, but think he's to old. My brother is the only person that's probably going to vote for Sanders in the primary.

It seems when I try to convince them to vote for Bernie or debunk all the smear tactics the main stream media uses at him, their response is to get me and my generation to get out there and vote for him.

What advice would you give me to convince my family to vote for him?

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