The Corporations control the Minds of the People because they control the Sources of Information that said People rely on so dearly. Bernie can help.

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Partisanship divides our country as a distraction from the real threat to our democracy and to our children and grandchildren. Politicians need to express their own views, and not solely the general consensus of the party that they claim to be part of. The modern era rejects this, and will stay partisan until the end of mankind if serious action is not taken.

A major threat to democracy that we are facing is the mobilization of mass media to push their own agendas onto others. The enemy to our democracy, then, is the root cause of all of this partisanship which divides the nation into a neverending state of indifference.

The corporations control the minds of people, not in an obvious manner, but subtly, through the control of the sources of information that people depend on, such as the media and their own advertisements. They have the power, the resources, and therefore also the means to do so.

Public opinion should not be driven by the money of the corporations of almost all media that want to control people to make themselves wealthier, but instead should be driven by places where people can talk and think without mindlessly listening to the propagandization of political issues.

One of the most dangerous pieces of media is Fox news, which brainwashes the vulnerable into the belief that the enemy is their own kind, rather than the corporations watching over them.

It is truly a dystopian society that we live in. Who controls the information that you see? The people who control what you see also control your views almost directly. Your views can directly affect them in our democracy, so if they manipulate your views to benefit them, it also allows them to expand to unbounded levels through reaching more people and shackling them to tribalism.

The corporations that own the media control what you see, and that is exactly why mainstream politics is so toxic and unforgiving. It’s a distraction. A distraction from their manipulation.

Their manipulation comes in the form of the media that they operate, which feeds itself by distracting the people from the truth, which causes people to resort to their sources for information because of the desire to confirm what they’ve already heard, which further distracts them from the truth.

The truth is that the corporations, whether it’d be directly or indirectly, control their views through the control of the sources of information that make up said views.

People like Bernie Sanders are well aware of this, and have detailed plans to act on it and other issues plaguing our society to this day that are still getting worse. The progressive media can help mitigate the large blows dealt to our society by opening the eyes of the people to this kind of manipulation. The corporations are fighting a battle that they will lose, whether it'd be through destroying the environment they live on, or, more hopefully, the actions of the people that are against their manipulation.

Action is needed, and although the damage has been done, it can be prevented from getting even more dangerous and it can be repaired over long periods of time if the right action is taken. As long as you stop listening to videos on any news network owned by the untrustworthy corporations, and instead think deeply and rationally about the complex social issues partially outlined by the media that isn’t controlled by corporations and the media that does not push an agenda, then that is one step out of many to achieve the undoing of the large amounts of damage that corporations have done to distract us from their schemes, whether it’d be through the division or traditionalism that keeps them thriving.

Bernie Sanders should be the president so he and the activists he works with can fix this country, rather than people who don't care for the issues that plague society in the first place. As stated before, it is not solely left versus right. There is a broader issue, and the enemy is not ourselves.

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