What’s Bernie Samders’ Views on Legal Immigration?

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Students who get a degree from US universities often believe that DACA recipients and DREAMers would suddenly move ahead in the line passing them towards the path to citizenship according to Bernie's policies. What does Bernie think of Non-Americans who get degrees from American universities? Should the legal immigration policy remain the same as it is right now (It is extremely hard for a student to get Permanent Residency in the US, let alone Citizenship) or should it change? What would Bernie say?

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The World is Waiting

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I think this is allowed by the rules but if not sorry for taking up time. Someone made a short little ad for Bernie, I think after Trump won, where people were going about their daily routines and then time slows as they all look to the TV and see Bernie announcing his 2020 run. It said the world is waiting for 2020. Does anyone else remember it and know where to find it? I've tried and failed to find it on my own so I'm hoping for help.

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Sanders being a better candidate than Warren Argument

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A lot of people have been discussing Warren vs Sanders. Let me give certain points why Sanders is a far superior candidate than Warren –

  1. Past History & Struggles – Sanders displayed extreme courage to go to jail in his 20s protesting segregation. He fought against Republicans & Democrats promoting oligarchy through incredibly hard 3rd party politics & had a much tougher road than what he would have had he taken the easy road through a Democratic Primary. He ran in 2016 to shift the ideological position. Warren was a life-long Republican while Reagan was destroying the social fabric, attacking single mothers, cutting welfare & cutting taxes on wealthy by half. She was the progressive option but displayed no courage in 2016. She stayed out & let Hillary run through which would have brought Neoliberalism back, only because she could VP or something of that sort. She didn't endorse Bernie in 2016 despite the ideological similarity.

  2. Visionary vs Copycat about Medicare for All – Warren has little expertise on Medicare for all but worse over 6-7 years, she never supported it while Sanders has supported it for decades. She campaigned on building the ACA & only reluctantly agreed to support M4A after Booker, Gillibrand, Harris & everyone else was on board & she did it to not look right wing. Sanders took an issue which had 0 support in Senate & made in mainstream. When there will be 100s of Millions of $ by Pharma & Insurance who will stand his ground. Who has the guts to pressurize Bennet or Coons? Elizabeth Warren can never get Medicare-for-all past. She is an okay ally to have on that policy on that Senate, but not as the leader as the POTUS.

  3. Movement Leader & Grassroots Support – Sanders has 1M Volunteers & 2.5M donations. Warren doesn't have half of that. Sanders has a committed & dedicated & passionate base who will be with him after the election to help make change. Warren doesn't have the base that Sanders has & no plan to make change.

  4. Past Results – Veterans Bill 96-4, War Powers Act, Amazon & Disney raising 15$ Min Wage, US House passing Bernie's 15$ Wage, Amendment King in House, US War/DOMA Vote, War Powers act & so on. Warren has 0 accomplishments & is flop in terms of results.

  5. Warren is the candidate of Rich White Elites – Warren is doing horrible among Black & Hispanic voters despite very high name recognition & likeability. Not only that her primary voters are above 100K$ in Income while Sanders' key base is 50K$ & under. Warren is the candidate of majorly White High Income voters while Sanders represents black, white, brown low income working folks. Who do you want to see represented in the white house?

  6. Warren's bad Foreign Policy record – Warren previously over the years time & again, has voted for Trump's 700B$ Military budget & has taken hawkish stances on Israel. Sanders is a known anti-war candidate preaching humanity & human rights & voting against huge military budgets.

  7. Political Courage vs Political Expediency – Sanders was in the frontline leading against Dakota Pipeline while Warren never took a stand. Neither did she take one in 2016. Warren takes politically expedient calls to further her political ambition & may sell out on M4A if need be & in other areas while Sanders can take tough positions including like giving felons the right to vote.

  8. GE Candidate Strength – Warren may win or may lose as she is politically not smart instinct wise. She played into Trump's hands with the DNA test. She has lied about being Native American previously in various employment opportunities. And she foolishly responds to Trump. Trump has control over Warren. Plus the Dem Candidate needs to win big over Trump so that the Senate & House Dem Candidates also win. Otherwise nothing passes with Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.

Warren has had 0 criticism. Not 1 question about how she implements her policies or lies about being Native American or GE vulnerability or being a follower in terms of M4All. The Corporate Media is using her as a tool to steal Bernie's progressive base & is fawning over her.

Bernie is the last chance of a Historic Political Realignment which happens once in 40+ years (FDR is 30s, Reagan in 80s). Sanders can lead a new progressive era. Sanders & Warren are not the same candidates. He is a more honest, authentic candidate has been in the picketlines for labour, who resurrected a dead progressive movement single handedly.

Also don't go by the polls only. They change. Many of these polls have 20-25% of voters above 100K income which is nowhere near the voting population. The Fox poll didn't sample Independents. Polls give a general feeling & are all over the place. 25-30% may well be enough to win early states.

Sanders needs to win over Warren. I hope above argument is enough to convince others. Feel free to add more points

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Bernie is a smart/sincere/effective politician, so I assume that he staffed his campaign with good people (and that he picked smart advisors); however, what are the criticisms of his campaign-staff/advisers, and what are these people’s potential blindspots that might harm the campaign?

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This scares me more than anything about the Sanders campaign.

You need the best/boldest/brightest staff/advisers.

I notice that his people are not aggressive with the media; that's the most obvious thing to notice because you don't need "insider knowledge" to see that…you just need to check people's twitter-feeds.

I wonder if there's a genuine strategic reason why they don't "smoke out" the media.

The media does not play nice with Bernie; why should he pull punches in talking about media-bias?

Edit: Was Sanders too soft on Hillary Clinton? Also, why doesn't Sanders "smoke out" the DNC on their 2016 corruption?

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[Serious] Questions I wish I could ask Bernie after watching the Rogan podcast…

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I finally got around to watching Bernie Sanders on the Joe Rogan podcast. While I disagree with Bernie on several key things I appreciate his passion, genuineness, and quality of character. These are things sorely lacking in today's political climate. As I listened to the podcast to get a better feel for Bernie's positions I found myself wishing I could sit down with him ask him a few questions. That isn't possible but it is important for me to understand Bernie's policy and where he is coming from even if I don't always agree (especially if I don't agree). I think that the most dangerous thing in today's world is the uneducated voter. I understand that we will all have different opinions and views which is part of a healthy democracy but I am genuinely concerned at the lack of effort people on all sides put into actually researching and understanding important issues from every possible angle. It's groupthink at its worst. I'm hoping this sub can help answer some of my questions and generally engage in some meaningful dialogue so that I can be better informed. Thanks!

1) Bernie alludes that he thinks politicians should be given free airtime to use to explain their ideas and plans etc. While unrealistic like Bernie states, it feels wrong to force an individual or business to provide goods or services for free. How would Bernie likely respond to this?

2) When Bernie talks about the expansion of Medicare I wish he would explain where the money would come from. Is it simply money that is already being spent that would be shifted over to the newly expanded Medicare or is it coming from somewhere else? Realistically how would taxes be affected? How would limited medical resources be allocated?

3) Is the government already negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to get more competitive drug prices for Medicare and Tricare patients? Is it working?

– I argue that the FDA is equally responsible for high drug prices as they make the approval process for new drugs extremely expensive and lengthy. I saw this firsthand while working with a research group seeking approval for a treatment used to kill bacteria in beehives. It almost feels like collusion between the FDA, Pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies to keep new players out and inhibit a truly free market. Instead of a truly free market that fosters competition the FDA imposes all sorts of regulations that prevent drugs from foreign countries etc. Some sort of FDA type oversight is necessary but shouldn't the FDA and big government also be taking part of the blame?

Joe later mentions that legalizing marijuana will result in a cleaner, safer, and less expensive recreational marijuana becoming available for use. One way I interpret this is that less governmental oversight, i.e. decriminalization, will allow the market to work as a free market should resulting in a cleaner, safer marijuana, etc. Shouldn't this same thought process apply to the pharmaceutical industry to some degree?

4) Bernie talks about the increase in the net wealth of the richest Americans over the last few decades. With almost all that "wealth" coming in the form of stocks or some other sort of non-liquid assets does it matter except on paper? Why not talk about something more meaningful and tangible like the overall quality of life changes over the last decades instead?

5) The thought that we should provide free tuition for people to go to college is one concept I struggle with. If people feel the need to go to college why should the rest of us be expected to contribute? If someone chooses to take out a ton of student loans to attend an expensive University and study something with little real-world relevance or job prospect why should the rest of America be expected to fund their college experience? College isn't even a guarantee of a high paying stable job. Why aren't cheaper community colleges, apprenticeships, and trade schools being emphasized and talked about more? For many people, they are a much better fit and will oftentimes lead to really great jobs that pay just as much as jobs that college graduates get.

Bernie later talks about the "devaluation" of the high school diploma. Isn't offering free bachelor level degrees going to further exacerbate this problem to the point that everybody needs a Ph.D. just to get a decent job?

If college were to become free would costs be covered up front or would students be forgiven of debts after graduating? How would limited space in classrooms be allocated? Would degrees with less earning potential be cut to allow for more space for degrees with higher earning potential? Who would decide these things?

Random plug for Kahn Academy, if you have never used it check it out. It is a fabulous free resource for people of all ages who are looking to study for a class or just learn something new. Consider donating a couple of bucks for a truly first-class organization that is helping millions of people get a good education.

6) Minimum wage. I agree that many workplaces are screwing their employees when it comes to cash intensives. Unfortunately, many businesses seem to think that offering free cereal or a "hip" workspace is more important to its workers than good wages. Government oversight coming in and forcing a change seems like a much less effective way than promoting competition between employers etc.

7) Tax loopholes are a real issue. However, why does it have to be so complicated and convoluted? It seems like more regulation inevitably leads to loopholes being discovered and exploited. Can we (morality aside) blame people for taking advantage of the legal options available to them? In the case of income tax, why not reduce or eliminate brackets and make it as simple as corporate income tax =X% and individual income tax=X%?

8) The amount of money being dumped into politics by lobbyists is becoming quite alarming but I do think it's important to highlight the fact that it is not just a Republican thing with the Koch brothers. Bloomberg and Soros are doing the same thing. Lobbyists are not a red problem or blue problem. Lobbyists are a universal problem.

9) Gun control. Why aren't things that kill way more Americans being scrutinized as much as guns? Smoking, alcohol, etc. all kill way more people than guns but are subject to much less criticism in the media. Here are some specific things Bernie talks about that I don't quite understand:

Background checks: You seriously can NOT buy a firearm at a gun show without a background check. The ATF allows personal sales without a background check but the "gun show loophole" literally does not exist.

Reselling guns: It is already against the law to knowingly purchase guns of any type with the intent to sell or give them to people who cannot legally own/ use a firearm whether they be family, friend, or stranger. It is the first question of the ATF form 4473 that will disqualify someone from being able to purchase a firearm and is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and/or up-to a $ 250,000 fine. What use are additional laws in this regard?

Ban on Assault weapons: When has banning anything been effective? Is it honest to claim that it will make guns harder for criminals to get? How will this will a ban not unfairly punish law-abiding gun owners? The prohibition and war on drugs are a great example of the inability to prevent people from obtaining the things they want to have.

What defines an assault weapon? Who gets to make that definition? Politicians with zero understanding of guns? This is a very understandable concern for gun owners. A massive amount of gun control measures being put forward reflect zero understanding of how guns actually work. Banning weapons for purely cosmetic reasons will not prevent violent crimes. How is this any different than Betsy Devos being made the United States Secretary of Education and proposing changes to things that she is completely unqualified and unknowledgeable about?

Why should gun manufacturers be liable for crimes committed with guns? Are there any other industries or situations where a manufacturer is held responsible if an end-user chooses to abuse that product? If someone gets drives drunk and kills someone should the brewery/distillery or car manufacturer be held liable? Should peoples ability to enjoy recreational alcohol be banned to prevent drunk driving or other alcohol related deaths?

At the end of the day should we depend on other people for our protection or should we be able to have access to firearms to be able to use for protection from people who would cause us harm or wild animals for all the rural folks, etc?

Lastly, I cannot help but wonder if things in Hong Kong would be different if the Chinese government knew that they had a well-armed group of people that would only tolerate being brutalized so much before rising up. That type of thinking is speculation of course but I think we are seeing modern-day examples of why the right to bear arms was amended into the constitution.

10) Regarding the large military budget. I've always wondered why people have such an issue at the size of America's military budget. A considerable amount of that is money goes towards things like bombs etc that many people find understandably disagreeable. A massive amount of that budget, however, goes for the very things that Bernie is promoting including healthcare, wages and benefits, and mind-boggling amounts of research into technologies that are life-changing for military and civilians alike. It seems like we should be talking about the amount of military spending after subtracting out these types of costs to have a more honest discussion. Thoughts?

Thank you for reading and I hope to get educated about and better understand Bernie's viewpoint on these important issues.

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