Ideas of Sacrifice by the Different Ideologies

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I'm not sure if posts like this are permitted or if this has been mentioned previously but:

I hate so much when conservatives constantly acts like a soldiers willingness to possibly sacrifice their own life is so noble and brave and that everyone should strive to be like that but the concept of sacrificing part of a paycheck to better serve your country is some monstrous idea that should be stricken down.

Where did we go wrong that flying a flag is somehow supporting our country and that disrespect for it (or the anthem) should have you lambasted but paying taxes towards the betterment of our country makes you a sucker.

Hopefully that is coherent enough, my rage from viewing my facebook is subsiding.

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How confident are you that bernie will win the presidency?

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He's got my vote, especially after listening to him on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Finally I heard him talk without being interrupted every ten seconds by some interviewer.

I feel like he has a shot, but I'm nervous if people will still vote for trump

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BREAKING: Bernie Releases Most Progressive Housing Plan in History to End Homelessness and Affordable Housing Crisis

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BREAKING: Bernie Releases Most Progressive Housing Plan in History to End Homelessness and Affordable Housing Crisis

READ THE PLAN HERE and use #HousingForAll!

Bernie Sanders on Wednesday unveiled his Housing for All plan, a bold proposal to guarantee every American – regardless of income – a fundamental right to a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home.

“There is virtually no place in America where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford a decent two bedroom apartment. At a time when half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, this is unacceptable,” said Sen. Sanders. “For too long the federal government has ignored the extraordinary housing crisis in our country. That will end when I am president. My administration will be looking out for working families and tenants, not the billionaires who control Wall Street.”

In America today, there is a shortage of 7.4 million affordable homes for the lowest-income renters and more than 18 million families in America are paying more than half of their limited incomes on housing and utilities. The federal government should be expanding housing programs, but Donald Trump wants to cut them by $ 9.6 billion, or 18 percent.

Sanders’ Housing for All plan would instead end the housing crisis, build millions of affordable housing units, implement a national rent control standard, revitalize public housing, protect tenants, combat gentrification, end predatory lending and modern day redlining, and end homelessness by:

  • Building nearly 10 million homes through the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund, social housing, Community Land Trusts, and other housing programs.
  • Fully funding tenant-based Section 8 rental assistance at $ 410 billion over the next ten years and making it a mandatory funding program for all eligible households.
  • Enacting a national cap on annual rent increases at no more than 3 percent or 1.5 times the Consumer Price Index, whichever is higher, to help prevent the exploitation of tenants at the hands of private landlords.
  • Ending exclusionary and restrictive zoning ordinances and replacing them with zoning that encourages racial, economic, and disability integration that makes housing more affordable.
  • Doubling McKinney-Vento homelessness assistance grants to more than $ 26 billion over the next five years to build permanent supportive housing.
  • Ending the mass sale of mortgages to Wall Street vulture funds and thoroughly investigating and regulate the practices of large rental housing investors and owners.
  • Implementing legislation to prevent abusive “contract for deed” transactions and using existing authority to protect communities of color, which for too long have been exploited by this practice.

Sanders’ proposal will be fully paid for by establishing a wealth tax on the top one-tenth of one percent. It will cost $ 2.5 trillion over the next decade.

The details of the plan can be read here.

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I posted this in another subreddit. I thought here would be appropriate as well.

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What is Bernie Sanders going to do for me so far as job protections and being able to be hired in the first place?

A little about myself,

I'm a transgender black man living in Virginia. I moved here from California late last year. I mostly left because of the cost of living. It was just not affordable on my wage even though I receive disability from the VA, but the state politics were enough for me to maintain employment. Obviously I'm a veteran(I don't support imperialism. I was a poor black kid living in a segregated bigoted town in FL and didn't know what else to do to escape). I have a B.Sc in accounting and while I was on active duty, I was an electrician. While in California, I worked a few data entry jobs and accounts receivable.

Since moving to VA, I haven't been able to find a steady employment. I've had 1 temp job since I moved here. It only lasted for three months. I have interviewed about 20+ times and I've yet to be hired. This would be totally fine if I was applying to jobs I am not qualified for. I've applied for retail, fast food, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, a carwash, maintenance, apprenticeships etc. I don't care, I just need some money. I have a partner whom I'm married to and two dogs. We are doing OK with the money we get from the VA. We don't go out or eat out. We cook everyday.

Anyway, after the background check for the jobs I have applied fo are complete, they aren't calling me back. Even though they tell me if everything comes back fine they'll call me back or the job is mine. I know it's because they can see that I've changed my name from a feminine one to a masculine one. The background check is basically outing me as trans and I have no idea what to do. Some days I just want to give up on life completely.

I just want to know what Bernie has planned for addressing this. Ive tried to look online but I haven't found anything substantial and most of the people I ask this question just ignore me or block me(I'm thinking about traveling to a town hall with the hopes of being able to ask him myself). I need a candidate who I feel like is looking out for me.

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The Bernie campaign needs to step it up on LGBTQ issues

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As a gay person, I feel that Warren’s campaign is doing great when it comes to gaining the support of the LGBT community (dragcon appearance, the forum in Iowa coming up, getting celeb lgbt endorsments, etc) In an exchange I had with Ahslee Marie Preston (celeb trans Warren surrogate) on twitter, she has said that something important will be announced soon. Honestly, I think the Bernie campaign needs to do more when it comes to the LGBTQ community. Missing the most important LGBT forum being held in Iowa (which isn’t his fault, he had other commitments) is already a bad move. I think Bernie should announce a plan that will fight for LGBT rights and specifically target the protection and empowerment of trans women of color, who are being murdered regularly.

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Medicare for all is not Medicare for ALL?

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Posted this in r/BernieSanders, but I didn't realize this sub exists. I see there are more people online here, so figured I'd repost this here (sorry if it's spammy).

I am a HUGE Bernie supporter, but there is a nagging question that I need an answer to…

So a bit about myself: I'm a young 26-year-old American, currently living abroad in the Philippines. I've lived here for many years, partly out of necessity (lower cost of living) and mostly because I just like living here.

However, I follow US politics daily along with my Filipina girlfriend. Bernie is my favorite candidate, followed by Yang. I've even donated to Bernie's campaign.

But in the back of my mind, occasionally I remember/realize that Bernie's proposed Medicare for all plan (along with other Medicare proposals from other candidates) is not REALLY Medicare for ALL, because people living outside of the U.S. would not be covered. If Bernie or someone close to his campaign could correct me on this, I would be so happy!

Unlike every country on Earth, Americans abroad still have to pay income tax no matter where they live. And if Bernie became my president, my taxes would go up without myself receiving any benefit at all. I'm not a selfish person so this wouldn't kill me since I don't make a lot of money anyway, but it makes it harder for me to resist voting for Yang (I can still vote from abroad).. because I assume that his Freedom Dividend would apply to all Americans no matter where they're living, as long as they're citizens. It's just money after all.

I understand that a Medicare for all system would be difficult to implement abroad.. But since that's the case, the tax system should be changed so that the estimated 10 million+ Americans living abroad do not have to pay taxes to the US government anymore. 10 million is NOT a small number of people (in case anyone wants to dismiss my concerns).

Also, if these people living abroad actually DID get coverage abroad, that could translate into hundreds of thousands more votes for Bernie!

Would really love to get a comment from Bernie Sanders himself on this matter. What will his approach be:

  1. Keep the system as is and increase taxes even higher for Americans living overseas without them getting the benefits of Medicare for all (bad)
  2. Provide coverage for Americans overseas (ideally in every country)
  3. Eliminate or at least lower taxes for Americans living abroad

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