Bernie Blackout Examples: Video?

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Hey, I'm looking for a short (60 seconds or less) video that clearly shows the Bernie Blackout in examples.

60 seconds (or less) is an ideal length & could be shared to social media and fit people's attention spans.

Does anyone know of any? I'm aware of that one that went viral a couple months ago, but are there any others with more examples? Including screen grabs from polls where Bernie is deliberately excluded?

Thank you!

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50 State Strategy: Here’s How We Win

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AL- Go to South Carolina, Canvass your town

AK- Phonebank

AR- Canvass your town

AZ- Go to Nevada

CA- Go to Nevada, Canvass your town

CT- Go to New Hampshire

CO- Canvass your town

DE- Phonebank, Go to Virginia

FL- Go to South Carolina

GA- Go to South Carolina

HI- Go to American Samoa

IA- Canvass

ID- Go to Nevada

IN- Go to Iowa

IL- Go to Iowa

KS- Go to Iowa

KY- Go to South Carolina

LA- Phonebank, Go to Texas

MA- Go to New Hampshire, Canvass your town

MD- Phonebank, Go to Virginia

ME- Go to New Hampshire, Canvass your town

MI- Phonebank

MN- Go to Iowa, Canvass your town

MO- Go to Iowa

MS- Phonebank, Go to Tennessee

MT- Phonebank, Go to Utah

NC- Go to South Carolina

ND- Phonebank, Go to Minnesota

NE- Go to Iowa

NH- Canvass

NJ- Go to New Hampshire

NM- Phonebank, Go to Colorado

NV- Canvass

NY- Go to New Hampshire

OH- Phonebank, Go to Tennessee

OK- Canvass your town

OR- Go to Nevada

PA- Go to New Hampshire

RI- Go to New Hampshire

SC- Canvass

SD- Go to Iowa

TN- Go to South Carolina, Canvass your town

TX- Canvass your town

UT- Go to Nevada, Canvass your town

VA- Go to South Carolina, Canvass your town

VT- Go to New Hampshire, Canvass your town

WA- Phonebank

WI- Go to Iowa

WV- Go to South Carolina

WY- Phonebank, and go to Colorado or Utah

Abroad- Register Expats for Dems Abroad, Go to American Samoa

American Samoa- Canvass with the BERN app

N. Mariana Islands- Go to American Samoa; Canvass with the BERN app

Puerto Rico- Phonebank and canvass with the BERN app

International friends- Texbank & Phonebank

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Feel the Burn Video from 2016

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Hi! I remember watching a video before the last election hyping up Bernie, and specifically, there was someone saying something along the lines of "I can find pictures of him handcuffed to a black man, I know he supports me" or something similar. This is in reference to this picture which was also shown in the video. It was spoken with a lot of passion/energy. I remember really liking this video, which was probably around 3-5 minutes long. If anyone can help me find this video, I would love to send it to some family members haha. Thanks for any help 🙂

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If there were ever a time to donate, it’s now! Tomorrow is the FEC reporting deadline and Iowa votes 14 days from today.

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The campaign has been saying that they need a little more money to fully enact their strategy in the first few states. If we post massive fundraising tomorrow, swing voters will take notice.

The campaign needs cash to fund the grassroots groundgame that will win the election.

A win for Bernie in Iowa will completely redefine the race in his favor. Right now is probably the most important 2 week stretch of the campaign.

If there were ever a time to donate, it's right now while the campaign is surging but needs that extra kick to get out the vote and the mobilize volunteers. Last week I gave $ 20 for the first time and today, I gave another $ 2.70. Bernie's campaign doesn't have billionaire donors or a Super PAC. It's up to us.

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Let’s get something straight: Vision and Pragmatism are not mutually exclusive. Bernie exemplifies both.

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Hello, /r/SandersForPresident brothers and sisters!

My most upvoted post remains a screed I wrote in this very subreddit back in 2016, when Hillary Clinton's camp was hammering Bernie for dreaming too big and having impractical goals. Given the NYT endorsement sounding an eerily similar critique, I thought it was time to revisit and update the same message, so here we go:

Once again we're hearing corporate centrists like the NYT editorial board claim that Bernie Sanders is making lofty promises he can't possibly fulfill. The Times claims that "He boasts that compromise is anathema to him [note that the word compromise doesn't actually appear in their linked interview]. Only his prescriptions can be the right ones, even though most are overly rigid, untested and divisive [sic]. He promises that once in office, a groundswell of support will emerge to push through his agenda. Three years into the Trump administration, we see little advantage to exchanging one over-promising, divisive figure in Washington for another."

As I noted in 2016, the real danger here is the trap created by this argument: the premise that what he's doing is making promises. He's not making promises. He's stating goals. He's outlining his vision. He's articulating his platform.

The trap for us is accepting these critics' framing and responding on its terms. "Well, maybe it could happen if we get Democratic majorities…" or even Bernie's stated tactic of "well, he'll organize around the popularity of his agenda and use the bully pulpit of the presidency to pressure lawmakers." Yes, that's the plan for getting things done, but that argument concedes incorrectly (IMHO) that promises have been made, and that they may or may not be fulfilled.

This makes Bernie a potential maker of false promises. He's not. This is his vision: Medicare for all, tuition-free public universities, anti-imperialist foreign policy, Wall Street and the wealthy paying their fair share of taxes. He's not saying it will all be accomplished, and certainly not just because he's elected: he's saying it should be accomplished, and a vote for him is a vote for those goals.

He's a presidential candidate with a platform, and instead of looking at the current state of affairs and saying "we can make this a little better" he starts out by imagining what things should look like, and says "let's get there." That's why he's a visionary leader and a once-in-a-lifetime candidate.

Corporate media outlets and candidates are trying hard to create a false dichotomy between themselves and Bernie, which is that voters must choose between pragmatic compromise and pie-in-the-sky promises. The reality is that Bernie is more than capable of working with Republicans and corporate Democrats to advance his progressive goals incrementally, as evidenced by his entire career, but especially his time in both houses of Congress. This is not an "all or nothing" agenda, as the NYT has disingenuously characterized it: Sanders is as pragmatic as anyone in DC. The difference is that he also has a vision for what American should be, instead of leading with mealy-mouthed compromise.

So please, when you're confronted by the 'rainbows and unicorns' argument, remember first and foremost its false premise: Bernie is not making promises, he's laying out his vision, which is what a presidential candidate should be doing. There is no dichotomy between pragmatism and vision: we have both.

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Why aren’t I seeing more Bernie advertisements on TV and Facebook?

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I'm not exactly someone familiar with campaigns and their strategies, but I'm wondering why I'm seeing Bloomberg and Steyer commercials and Facebook ads, but no Sanders ads/commercials. ESPECIALLY so close to the Iowa primary. I'm in MN, we vote before Iowa, so it's especially weird to me that I'm not seeing more Bernie push via commercials/ads. What's typically the strategy with stuff like this? Is Bernie's campaign waiting until AFTER the Iowa vote?

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About so called social healthcare (UK POV)

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I have got so many USA friends mostly liberal and a few trump fanatics but what really interested me that they did not really understand the true meaning of the NHS in the UK. And it seems somehow everyone from the USA has been given a very warped take on the NHS with some extreme examples and it really seems you are all being lied to.

NHS (National Heath Service) is totally free, everything if you are poor or rich. No exceptions!

You dont get second class care, you get the same care as everyone. The doctors and nurses are equally as well trained and skilled as any USA medical staff.

There are not massive wait times for doctors or operations. In the past there is the odd story of someone having to wait but these cases are so few that they are just given as examples of the norm to USA citizens when they are very rare.

Medication is £8 if you work, if you dont its free. Even that is just a piece of paper you sign to say you can afford or not. No questions asked.

So let me give you some examples of my history of the NHS. I would say im about average.

When I was 22 I had a major Ice hockey accident, bone came out of leg, had 3 operations to fix it all, my surgeon was the top in his field for these types of injuries he was even knighted a Sir. I look back on that part of my life and I had exceptional care given to me. All free.

Various medications through the years, cost £8 for a course of antibiotics etc….

Daughter had a baby recently, cost he nothing and she got second to none care. Not a penny paid.

My twin sisters when they were born had to have major heart operations. Intensive care for months as they were like 4lb heavy born. My mom (single parent and not a penny to her name) had to pay nothing. They had a team of nurses and surgeons taking care of them for months 24/7. Even had my mom staying with my sisters for months in a room near theirs and all her meals etc… free. All free.

Had a major leg infection a while back. Called doctor at 8am and he was visiting my home by 11am and by midday I was in hospital with antibiotics being fed into me.

I have a fear of hospitals and when I call my local doctor up he knows I cant visit surgery and he will come and visit that day, no questions asked, nothing extra to pay.

I hope you are seeing the pattern here. Its free for everyone and it gets paid by the Gov and with taxes we pay to them but its a fraction of your fees. The NHS is amazing and I will be forever grateful that I live in a country with that.

Until I heard from some of my USA mates that the worry and expense they have had I feel pity for them and I feel lucky to have been born in a country that treats healthcare as a basic right for everyone.

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