can anyone help?

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This is the man that brought me to Bernie and the progressive party.. i was a trump fan and supporter until he showed me who trump really was.. this was a few months after he wqs elected. I felt ashamed and begin reading more and more.. I went from whqt i thought was mid but actually was far right to progressive.. i though what i believed was right and helping.. i see i was wrong I even joined the Blm movement..

I made a post before I tried to bring him attention but no one was really interested His name is Richard He wanted to run for the school board in florida He doesn't know how. Maybe someone here can explain. He is progressive to and wants a better education for his daughter. He is very poor, in the last few years he has had a divorce, loss of income, lost his house, is a single dad that now works 60 hours a week and is living week to week pre covid. I just wanted to get his name out and help him however I can.

ORIGINAL shout out post

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A quick clarification of capitalism, socialism, communism and the like.

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Capitalism is the most popular economic system in the world and is in place in most first-world countries. It is an economic system where the means of production are privately owned by individual capitalists. Under capitalism, anyone is capable of privately owning capital, assets such as tools and machines that can make products which can undergo transaction and generate profit for the business. The workers only work for the capitalist that owns the business and don't really have a say in the matter.

Socialism is the exact opposite of capitalism. It is an economic system where the means of production are publicly owned by the workers instead of corporate minorities. The workers collectively and communally own the tools and machines themselves. They democratically determine what is produced and how their produce is distributed and put on the market.

Democratic socialism is probably not what you think it is. It is greatly misused by Bernie's base and Bernie himself. Democratic socialism is socialism under a democratic framework. It's socialism with democracy, basically.

Social democracy is the actual ideology that Bernie's policies are catering to. Social democracy is basically capitalism with strong emphasis on social welfare and workers' rights. It includes a strong social welfare state that insures policies such as socialized healthcare, more humane basic income, socialized education, necessary stimulus checks and all of these anti-corporatist elements whilst still under a capitalist framework. Social democracy is essentially just more humane capitalism. It is the economic system that is present in "the rest of the civilized world". Those countries are not "socialist" or "democratic socialist", they are social democratic. They are still capitalist countries, just with more populist tendencies.

Communism is the end goal of socialism. It is where there is no longer any system of currency, no more concept of possession, all hierarchy has been abolished, and the State has been gotten rid of. It is a money-less, property-less, classless, stateless society. It is run collectively, communally and cooperatively run by all the members without any official hierarchical authority and governmental rule.

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Hi, this is Alex, a USMC Veteran with Common Defense & #VetsForBernie!

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Common Defense is building a grassroots movement to end unchecked militarism, both in our streets and in our foreign policy. We’re a membership organization of military veterans, and we endorsed Bernie Sanders and campaigned for him as part of #VetsForBernie. You might also recognize us from #VetsForImpeachment, where we successfully pressured the House of Representatives to impeach Trump by filling Congress with veterans, putting intense pressure on Democrats, and then following up by confronting on video Republicans like Rep Dan Crenshaw, Rep Matt Gaetz, Sen Lindsey Graham, Sen Mitt Romney, and most of the rest of the GOP Senate caucus in videos that went viral. We also dropped the Vets For Impeachment banner at the World Series. We’ve endorsed and campaigned for candidates like AOC and Ayanna Pressley (who we endorsed during their primaries in 2018), and more recently Charles Booker for KY Senate, Jamaal Bowman in NY16, and Mondaire Jones in NY17.

Here are ways you can get involved:


• Join our Organizing Cadre as a full member.

Fill out the intake form at and an organizer will reach out to onboard you. OC members: -Get access to our organizing calls every Thursday night, which often feature special guests like Mondaire Jones, Rep Katie Porter, Rep Rashida Tlaib, or this last week Arati Kreibich. -Get a binding vote on campaign priorities, and leadership opportunities in our organizing campaigns -Get to be part of a badass community of fellow progressive and Democratic Socialist veterans

• Attend our Veterans Organizing Institute (VOI) training, which has now moved fully online.

Apply at for the next cohort which begins on July 10th

VOI is the only training of its kind, and teaches Veterans how to organize fellow veterans around whatever issues you’re working on, from demilitarizing the police to passing Medicare for All.


We’re currently running two flagship issue campaigns, one focused on domestic policy, and one focused on foreign policy, both aspects of the same problem.

• #EndForeverWar pledge campaign

Bernie Sanders was the first Senator and Presidential candidate to sign Common Defense’s “End The Forever War” pledge to veterans (Rep Ilhan Omar was the first member of Congress).

We need your help in building an overwhelming consensus against the continuation of endless war. Check out to see if your Rep has signed the pledge yet, and send them a message asking them to.

• #NoWarOnOurStreets campaign

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Get out the vote for Arati Kreibich (NJ-5) and Mike Siegel(TX-10)!

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Arati Kreibich and Mike Siegel are both bernie endorsed representatives with some serious weight behind them. Their primaries are on the 7th and 10th respectively. I know Booker and Romanoff's loss was disappointing, but Jamaal Bowman was still a major victory. It actually made me realize that we have a much better chance of winning house seats because they're much smaller than statewide races. Also, the Sunrise movement made nearly 850,000 calls for Bowman. They're a serious and unstoppable force. So if you have some free time, please sign up for a shift!

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