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There's one thing to do that can help way more than "just voting" – VOLUNTEER. IT'S EASY AND CAN TAKE AS LITTLE AS 10m/WEEK.

If you volunteer regularly throughout this campaign and reach 100 or 1000 people along with your one vote, think about how much more significant that is than just voting. Now imagine if we all come together and do that. Even if it's just this subreddit's members.

If this post leads you to sign up, go to an event, or get BERN, let me know in comment or DM – I’ve got to know that this is worth my time!

p.s. you can volunteer if you're a supporter abroad.

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Warren is gaining, we need to work harder!

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Polls are showing something interesting. Bernie is gaining slowly in many states but Warren has had consistent strong growth. She's a far better candidate in terms of policy support than most other candidates, but I dont trust her to fight for issues like Bernie.

I do think there is a (possibly unintentional) conspiracy to boost Warren. I'm sure most people have noticed that media coverage has been comparatively mild and even praising on occasion compared to Bernie. Yet when on the debate stage they're often attacked as a single progressive unit. I forgot who of the lefty independent media youtubers noted the optical of last night's debate: when Warren and Sanders were expected to answer questions with regards to M4A, Warren was consistently allowed to answer first. It gives the appearance that Bernie is following Warren on policy.

Again, she is a far greater candidate but she is not the best. Media is on occasion working to boost her campaign while also implying she's identical to Bernie. No doubt its having the effect of implanting in people's minds that she's the "safer" progressive alternative.

If you know someone that is a likely Warren supporter, point out her flaws. Don't attack her, don't try to suggest she's terrible. Simply point out there are issues she has blind spots on or that from her own language its questionable if she'll push for. She voted for Trump's military budget increase, Bernie didnt. She's used all the sneak words in her healthcare plan and hasn't mentioned single payer once. She notes money is a corrupting factor yet has stated she is not opposed to big money donations after the primary. Etcetera.

If she does become the nominee, vote for her of course. Push her left, and make her beat Trump. But right now we must work hard to get the true progressive in office!

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Bernie youtube audio

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Bernie's youtube audio is uncomfortably low, can any S4P redditors try to get in contact with the sanders camp and offer better equipment or audio balancing equipment?

At the very least we should be running a grassroots fundraiser to improve the audio.

I'm ready for an audio revolution, are you?

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