Last night, my dad told me if given the chance, he’d vote for Bernie to secure my future.

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Especially since the quarantine, my family has been having a lot of political discussions.

I've been trying to explain that this country has never needed these policies more than it does now – the virus has brought everything to a head. Now everyone realizes the importance of healthcare. Few people can pay their loans or mortgages. We've realized how fragile the economy and job market really are. Everyone's got their hands out for a government check.

I've also been pretty vocal about how things have drastically changed since my dad was growing up; the vast majority can't afford houses anymore. School loans are debilitating. Most of us wont end up having kids because we barely make enough to support ourselves.

Up until now, my dad's stance has been "Sanders' policies are too radical to ever win" and "our generation struggled, too."

Last night, however, we had a breakthrough. He told me, "If you really think that Bernie is the answer, I'd vote for him to secure your future." It meant everything to me and for the first time in months, I have some hope.

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I have some leftover stickers for anyone in a state yet to vote. Will mail them to you.

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A shipment from the Bernie store came after California primaries, so I have a couple of stickers that I would be happy to mail to someone in a state yet to vote.

Additionally, I also have a few leftover stickers that /u/helium-balloon so graciously mailed me a while back that I can include.

I'll divide the stickers out and send a handful to 2 people. I imagine this offer may go quick – apologies to anyone who sees this after they've been claimed.

Please PM me your name and address and I'll get them mailed out Monday.

I also have some of the small cardboard signs, but it may not be feasible for me to mail them as I don't have large enough envelopes and am staying put at home (no post office trips for me).

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