The Elephant in the Democrats’ Room Balloons With Each Word Not Spoken.

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After two years, its mass approaches infinity.

That elephant's name, my fellow citizens, remains Bernie Sanders.

Crowding out the light on the sets of MSNBC and CNN, looming large in the hallways of Congress, hovering like a benevolent spirit over all of the breathless coverage of AOC, the elephant remains two years after it appeared, its broad back a rock-solid base for AOC's and Warren's tax proposals, its existence literally the only reason why so many of the Democratic hopefuls support the idea of Medicare For All, while the others will claim that their disagreement is little more than semantics.

But of course Bernie Sanders is no elephant. It is only this deafening silence that makes him so. He is a human being and a senator and someone who has spent his entire long life fighting for the well-being of working-class, middle-class, and poor Americans, not for party power structures or Wall Street or political donors.

Elephants in the room are funny things. The point of the saying is that the thing that makes them elephants is always, in the end, so simple and clear and obvious. What could so easily make this dreaded elephant turn back into a senator?

Just this: Bernie Sanders is the clear philosophical leader of the Democratic Party. We can thank him for this discussion, finally, after decades of silence, of higher taxes on the rich and corporations. For a higher minimum wage. For college education for all Americans who want it. For a spirit that is awakening in this country of citizens wanting a party, and then a government, that will work for all of us and not just for a handful of millionaires and billionaires.

Perhaps a simple thank you would suffice.

Instead, around every Democratic candidate's announcement, around every discussion of Medicare For All (which is being discussed by the mainstream at all for exactly one elephantine reason) around every little chat with Chuck Todd about "how the race is shaping up" lies this massive and ever-more-obvious silence.

Did Kamala Harris get 20,000 people to show up for her rally? Would Joe Biden be an instant front-runner because of name recognition? Can you think of anyone else who could get 20,000 people to a rally? Do you know of anyone else who would be an instant front-runner if they announced? Is there anyone else who would champion ending private health insurance as "boldly" as Senator Harris? Anyone? No?

Even the artful way they have of mumbling "…or like Bernie Sanders… mumble mumble…" occasionally to assuage the yawning obviousness of it all and to show that see, we are saying his name, there's no elephant to see here folks… It just makes the elephant grow ever larger.

If all of these pundits and Democrats can't even acknowledge Senator Sanders as an elder leader and inspirer of the current movement, which is simply obvious; if they can't even mention the most clear front-runner and America's most popular senator, the very originator of massive amounts of what the entire 2020 race will be about regardless of who the nominee turns out to be, then we must ask, well, why not?

The answer to that question isn't too hard to see. Bernie Sanders, massive elephant that he is, inspires the very same wild fear in all Democratic beltway insiders that has gripped Howard Schultz, the shameless egotistical billionaire so terrified of paying higher taxes that he is openly threatening to blow up the Democrats with his money if they don't stop talking about it.

The fact that these people are so afraid of a Sanders candidacy that they won't even just give him his propers as they move on and yet are so utterly comfortable with everyone else is really all we need to know, isn't it?

I don't only mean this philosophically and politically. I also mean it strategically. We are going to win with the real deal. Someone committed, for life, to the working class and to changing this country for the better is going to win. Period. Someone who has fought for this for decades, not for two years.

Bernie Sanders is the candidate to take on Donald Trump and beat him. And badly. Bernie Sanders is the candidate to make the Democratic Party and the US government work for all of us and not just the few.

Senator Sanders, I implore you.


TLDR: Bernie 2020!

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An Argument that Dems Should State When Arguing Against Giving Trump the Funds for his Wall

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How can US Taxpayers trust this administration with utilizing the funds well for this so called national emergency when Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory, is still suffering from the effects of a hurricane and the response to that emergency misused funds?

I'm irritated that Dems haven't stated this as I feel it brings further spotlight on this issue. Also Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water.

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Is Bernie waiting for Biden? I highly think so.

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I got to thinking today. Sanders might be waiting to see if Biden, a popular centrist, runs.


If Biden does not run. It's basically a progressive run off. Bernie, being the favorite against all of them, would have a high chance of winning. Even a Warren win would be great to his cause.


If Biden runs (who is polling high), the progressive vote is split between him and Warren (even some for kamala). DECREASING the chances of a big progressive win. Bernie having a second primary run LOSS against another centrist would be devastating to his cause. It would be seen that the voters as rejecting a progressive agenda. He would instead opt to back Warren and progressive policies.

You have to understand. A Biden and Bernie run, with Bernie or Warren losing to a centrist Biden, would send a bad message to democrats that voters don't want progressive agenda. He would not risk erasing any progress he's made since 2016

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PSA: Criticizing primary candidates is part of the democratic process

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I am not referring to the uninformative shitposts and memes (which I wish didn't exist as that does look like the juvenile /r/The_Donald) and we're better than that.

However, I've seen multiple times that any legitimate criticism of a candidate (Harris, in particular) is instantly met with comments such as "don't attack dems" or "don't do Trump's job for him" and so on. Those are either misguided suggestions or censorship attempts. You absolutely need to criticize candidates during the primary.

The primary is when your criticisms actually matter! You stay silent during the primary and that's exactly how you get handed the option of either a turd sandwich or a giant douche.

Also, it's not fair to others that may naively believe that multiple candidate are similar to each other when there are radical differences.

Staying silent only benefits the media's chosen corporate democrat as the media will have no reservation against attacking the authentic progressive during the primary. We already have an uphill battle. Don't make it harder on yourself by also staying quiet about the very real failings of any of the democratic candidates.

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Bernie to announce run today? Maybe?

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"Also for tomorrow that's really important we're gonna have a guest on rebel headquarters at 8:05 p.m. Eastern that is going to make some news about the 2020 campaign (DJ Airhorn Sound Effect by Ana Kasparian) I'm not saying anything except for the words I've just said so definitely check that out" – Cenk Uygur

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We know Bernie will remain above the fray. It’s our **responsibility** to destroy our opponent’s campaigns and credibility with the electorate.

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We'd like to think 2020 will be easier for Bernie because he now has name recognition, is still the most well liked politician in the country and his policy agenda has been forced into the mainstream. But superdelegates still exist and they'll decide the election if Bernie doesn't win 50% +1 of the vote in the state primaries/caucuses. If it goes to the supers, we lose. It doesn't matter if Bernie wins 45% of the vote and everyone else gets less than 10%. We will be overridden by the supers and so we can't afford to let the vote go to a 2nd round.

Preventing the superdelegates from voting means absolutely crushing our opponents and winning the primaries in a landslide of at least 50% +1 vote. Achieving 50% with only 2 people running (like 2016) is unavoidable. But the establishment is flooding 2020 with fake progressive candidates to try to dilute the vote to make sure that nobody gets 50% so their superdelegates get to pick another corporate Democrat (likely Kamala Harris) as the nominee.

We face many obstacles. The Democratic Party is against us. The mainstream media is against us. We'll have to deal with more "ballot shortages" in Bernie strongholds, surprise rule changes that hurt us and help the corporate candidates, voter suppression and other election rigging by the Democrats. So we need to be willing to take the gloves off and ruin our opponents by incessantly digging into and exposing their actual records and inconsistencies. We don't need to lie and smear like they do to us. We have facts on our side. We just need to get them out there 24/7 because nobody else is going to do it for us. We can't play nice with our opponents. Just to be clear, not playing nice doesn't mean playing dirty but it does mean going for the jugular.

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Why today is different, more *progressive*, more hopeful, than before.

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Because Bernie woke millions of people up. Because we can be more vigilant then ever before. We didn't have the tech tools to organize, stream, and stay vigilant during Obama's terms that we do today.

We've got great people fighting to reform the Democratic Primary like Bernie, Nina, Nomiki, Cenk, and others.

State Democratic Parties have gotten more progressive since 2016, especially Michigan and California. California got more progressive again just this month with recent elections.

We're nearing 140 Democrats in the House that support Medicare For All. Give us two more election cycles – 2020 and 2022 – and the Democratic Party will be a progressive party.

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Democratic Party Office Positions

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The Democratic party in most states will be electing party officers to the their positions throughout this year. These positions are typically for two years. Therefore, those elected NOW will be overseeing the primary, caucus, conventions, and delegate selection process.

The primary for 2020 begins NOW!

One thing we can do is read our states bylaws, and make a wikipedia page explaining when, where, and how these party officers are being elected.

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