The DNC will split primary debates into two “randomly” selected groups

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What's happening:

The DNC will hold 12 official debates in the upcoming primary, but the groups will be split into two. In their words, they intend to mitigate the "undercard effect" where less popular candidates get placed on a secondary debate schedule, which cuts their exposure. However, this still means one group during one round of debates will get the primetime spot, and the other will hardly be watched.

My speculation:

I think they will split the groups with the intent on giving better exposure to establishment front-runners. (i.e. Harris practically gets the stage to herself on a Wednesday @ 8pm slot, while Bernie only gets put up against her in the undercard on a Friday night).

What can be done:

  1. Biden, Harris and the establishment candidates will have all of their corporate double-speak broadcast to as many people as possible. Call them out on it, loudly and clearly. They only get a few minutes to talk to your friends and family. You have the rest of the night.
  2. The Sanders campaign is focusing less on TV this time around, with the understanding that it will be a very expensive way to not get the exposure you want. Invest your time in the ground game and volunteer whenever you can spare a few hours. We can get exposure without the MSM. We did it last time and almost beat a billionaire behemoth.


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Not trolling. Please let’s discuss. I’ve supported Bernie since he declared the first time in 2015 and plan to support him again. However, I cannot grapple with his senate vote against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

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It seems like a no-brainer to me that if a baby is born alive after a failed abortion that you would attempt to give it medical care, the same as you would for any person that presents in critical care. This is not a bill that restricts abortion rights. This is a protocol for when a live child is born, despite an attempted abortion.

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What’s Bernie’s (Our) Strategy to Pass Medicare For All ?

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With the unveiling of the Medicare For All proposal today, the two biggest issues for Democratic voters are now in play as it joins the Green New Deal.

The MFA proposal will have roughly half of the Democrats in the House as co-sponsors compared to about 35% for the Green New Deal.

Early reports seem to indicate that we are not likely to see a vote on Medicare For All in the House. Pelosi's comments indicate that there isn't enough of a consensus in the Dem. caucus to proceed with that.

This looms as a big test for the credibility of the "political revolution" that Sanders is seeking to trigger. I feel a lot more bullish about our ability to get Bernie elected than I do about transforming Congress into a organ of our will.

Electing Bernie is one race. One campaign team, One candidate. It's all very compact and controlled ultimately by one person.

Flipping 50 or 100 positions in Congress, either via persuasion or identifying new candidates who will support Medicare For All is many orders of magnitude more complicated.

Each congressional district must be evaluated and planned separately and then a coordinated plan must be put forth to allocate resources to try and transform the Congress. Then you have the Senate as well.

As the political leader of the Progressive movement, we need to look to Bernie to give us some guidance on how we execute this plan and how each of us as individual activists can plug in and support it.

My sense is that we need to build some structure and coordination specific to the Congressional push. Right now the political revolution is scattered across a lot of smaller fiefs like DSA, Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, NNU, MoveOn, DFA, etc, etc. We need these groups to coalesce into something coordinated if we are to apply ourselves efficiently to the task of successfully taking on entities like the DCCC and DSCC and their corporate health backers in a war for house seats.

Electing Bernie is only 5% of the battle.

I think in the coming months we will need some names of people who we can hold accountable for coordinating the push to overhaul Congress. Maybe it's Nina Turner or maybe it's Bernie himself or someone new off the radar. There's no way we can be successful if we have a dozen splinter groups working in silos.

Even though the Green New Deal has fewer co-sponsors, I'm more confident that climate change will sell itself as a non-negotiable items that must be dealt with. The Europeans are way ahead of us there with Greta Lundberg and the kids mass activism. When the assortment of climate related extremes keep growing in the next few years, the pitchforks and torches will follow everywhere.

Medicare For All is something the establishment can try to veto for a long time. Creating a cooperative Congress is our biggest challenge.

Our opponents in the corporate health insurance industry can offer Congress people something we can't…… Personal wealth. The only thing we can counter with is votes.

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