Bernie’s estate tax plan, which taxes billionaire estates at 70%, would only impact 588 billionaires. Naturally, all Republicans oppose it. Loud and clear: The GOP is paid to represent a handful of rich families. President Bernie Sanders will represent the other 330 million Americans. #Bernie2020

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Read the plan here.

The plan would raise trillions in revenue, and it would only impact the estates of the 588 richest people in this nation.

President Bernie Sanders will fight for all 330,000,000 Americans. The Republicans are paid to fight for only the very rich.

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Google news section of “Bernie Sanders” predominantly features BS negative articles, is there anything we can do?

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If you google "Bernie Sanders" and go to news sections time and time again nearly all articles are negative of Bernie and many are severely negative. The articles of course are bullshit. But they get to you. An onslaught of titles "Canadian doctor destroys Bernie's medicare for all plan", "Sanders faces widespread sexual harassment allegations" and alike I think do negatively influence, to a certain degree, most of people's opinions about Bernie. Is there anything we can do?

Also a lot of these BS articles do not even come from mainstream media, but more like one off breitbart spin-offs.

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My name is Joshua Collins. I’m a Democratic Socialist truck driver. I’m 25. And I’m running for Congress against a Corporate Democrat who opposes Medicare for All. AMA!

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I'm running in Washington's 10th Congressional District against Dennis Heck. Heck opposes Medicare for All, which is one of my most important policy goals. He takes money from the healthcare industry, big pharma, the insurance companies, the banks, & the military industrial complex, and his policies/voting records reflect that. Washington is a free for all, best of 2 primary so if I come in second in the Primary, it would be Democrat vs Democrat in the General election.

Here's a basic list of some of my policy ideas. Not everything is totally decided, but this is my compromise between ideal and realistic for a Political Revolution. It's radical compared to most politicians today, but radical is necessary to turn this ship around. We are headed down a dark path that doesn't end well for most of our people. This will be changed, expanded on, and improved as I go along. I haven't formed a policy on every issue, but feel free to ask questions to see how progressive or socialisty I am on issues that matter to you. I'll answer any serious question and I'll do any interview with independent journalists. You can also reach me for questions on Twitter @joshua_4_wa or Facebook here: I'm on Instagram as @joshua_lee_collins Sign up to for campaign updates at Donate if you can at

Here's the list

-at least a $ 20 minimum wage by 2030. continuous increase tied to inflation.

-Make overtime pay kick in at 35 hours per week instead of 40.

-Green New Deal with workers as a PRIORITY, not an afterthought. ~Nationalize energy production in the US, manufacture & export green energy. All wealth generated is used to fill retiremen fund, and used to fund paid family and Medical leave for ALL. Similar to Oil Pension fund in Norway

-Federal Jobs Guarantee. All jobs at least 5% above minimum wage.

-Free College, Trade School, & Job Certification courses for all Americans of ANY age, prioritizing the implementation for in-demand fields like Medical and Green Energy to meet the demands of the Green New Deal and Medicare for All allowing more people to finally get the healthcare they need.

-100% Federal income tax break for all households under $ 80k/year for 2 years to bail out the working class.

-Tax the rich at least as high as FDR & Eisenhower. Tax billionaires out of existence.

-Massive annually increasing tax penalty for companies that don't produce anything in America with American residents, similar to what they did to us with the healthcare mandate. This is to prevent outsourcing and encourage job creation in the U.S.

-Double military salary, bring all troops home from the Middle East and put them under the direction of the United States Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

• End ALL foreign intervention and regime change efforts.

-Nationalize weapons manufacturing, bombs should be for actual defense, and they should not be a for-profit industry that lobbies and bribes politicians.

-National Improved Medicare for All. Abolish for-profit health insurance.

-Reduce mass shootings with thorough Federal background checks and free mental healthcare for all.

-Ban private prisons. Require all prisons to provide college & trade school, ban private job discrimination for nonviolent criminals, still guarantee Federal job to all ex-cons.

-Police reforms, bias training, de-escalation training, demilitarization, non-lethal force emphasis etc

-No subsidies for large businesses, only tax incentives for SMALL businesses that pay their workers well

-Fix K-12 so kids can start college or trade school at 16 if they'd like.

-Federally funded program to end homelessness, including for the 40k+ military veterans. Repeal the Faircloth amendment, which prevents the HUD from building new public housing.

-U.S. gov can only buy from Union & Worker-owned American businesses

-Ban corporate and foreign lobbyists.

-Publicly Financed Elections and ranked choice voting, automatic voter registration

-Firmly establish women's rights to control their own bodies.

-Pathway to citizenship, no money wasted on the wall, decriminalize drugs and put pressure on countries south of our border to also decriminalize drugs to destroy the financial power of the drug cartels.

Oh, and I got to the top of this subreddit before because I was retweeted by AOC twice right after she did the Sunrise Movement protest outside Pelosi's office, so I guess you could say we're pretty tight. (/s)

A bit about me. I grew up poor with my abusive dad & stepmom in a small town in Kansas. I had 8 siblings in 2 homes. My childhood home was literally condemned and demolished shortly after my mom got custody of me at 14. I was going to go in the military at 19 to pay for college, but a car accident with a drunk driver took that off the table. At 21, I lost my job because I took time off to visit my dying grandmother. Couldn't find a new job that would afford me to cover my rent and tuition, so I dropped out of college and became a truck driver to avoid homelessness at 21.

Now I own and operate my truck with my wife, who also drives. In September, I moved out of my apartment in Olympia, Washington and put all my stuff in storage so I can save more money to afford the months of time I'll be taking off during the campaign season. My wife and I live in our truck and travel the country with our Husky. We do a lot of tourism and hiking. And I meet irl with activists & politicians who I've met online. I do frequent town hall style Facebook live streams and IG live streams. I give out my personal phone number and I do my best to be accessible and talk directly to supporters.

I love class warfare because there are more of us than there are of them. If you are thinking about running for office to fight back against the oppression of our oligarchical rulers, I encourage you to run. We're like baby sea turtles. If there are enough of us, some of us will inevitably make it to the water and grow into giant sea turtles. ☮️

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