Update on Potential Phishing Phone Calls

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Spoke with a couple members of the campaign directly and they are still looking into the source of these calls. They have confirmed the number is theirs but with the size of the campaign they need to track who made the calls after receiving a couple reports like mine including some more high pressure calls.

They are aware and looking into it. Be assured that number is not a spam number though – it is legit. They just need to better control the phone banking.

As always, never pay over the phone always use actblue or donate through BernieSanders.com directly. Never give any personally identifying information over the phone for you own safety, the campaign should already have your name, email and obviously phone number.

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Reminder: Public polls this far ahead have rarely picked the winner. This is a marathon, not a sprint

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Some good points in this article.


Cornell Belcher, a former Democratic National Committee pollster who now runs the Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies consultancy, told the Pod Save America podcast that there was a big difference between public polling and that done by campaigns.

Belcher explained that public polling was about the horse race and favorability, whereas campaign polling was geared toward developing a strategy to target specific voters and to build messages on particular issues that will resonate—as well as suss out opponents’ weaknesses.

He described public polls as “completely meaningless,” particularly so early in the primary process.

“The history of Democratic primaries says that the candidate who is in the lead right now is usually not in the lead six, seven months from now. It is often the kiss of death to be in the lead at this point,” Belcher said.

I don't necessarily agree with the kiss of death stuff, but it's historically true that polls haven't meant a whole lot when it's been 9 months into the first elections.

We contend that Bernie has the best and most popular policies. If that is true, they will speak for themselves once people start paying more attention to the race, debates happen, etc. This time there are debates every month starting from the summer, instead of just a few on weekends like in 2016.

It's normal to feel disheartened, but the truth is that at this point polls are mostly horse-race content we like to pass time following. Especially when it comes to radical shifts within days and weeks, they don't correlate a whole lot with the election this far out.

Also, do remember that this isn't some passive media that we can't affect. Bernie's volunteer drive launch only took place, and it's only beginning to winding up now. We can and should be part of it!

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Democratic Socialists Seek Campaign Manager for Sanders Independent Committee

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The Democratic Socialists of America Party is looking to hire a campaign manager to run an independent expenditure committee in support of Bernie Sanders' (I, Vt.) presidential candidacy.

The job listing, first obtained and reported on by the Daily Beast, seeks someone to "report to the Organizing Director and work closely with other staff to develop and strengthen Democratic Socialists of America's campaign


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It’s time to go scorched earth

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Bernie is never gonna fucking win playing nice. I don’t care about “party unity”. People will come around when faced with Bernie or Trump.

Bernie will never win by being nice to Biden. Sanders represents REVOLUTION. What does that word mean? Biden is literally a guardian of the corrupt corporate system. And all Bernie can muster is pointing out he voted for Iraq and softly pointing out other things while praising his character and calling him a friend?

If I was uninformed I would vote Biden 100% and pointing out a couple policy differences wouldn’t sway me from the nostalgia of Obama. But if I was told over and over how corrupt Biden is and won’t do shit for me, I would wake up and vote Bernie.

We will not win playing fucking nice I’m so frustrated with Bernie

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