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I'm a US/Canadian dual citizen who just recently moved from Wisconsin to Nova Scotia, Canada and I'm fully behind Bernie I'm looking to contribute somehow to Bernie's campaign I have already donated but I find its pretty difficult to do anything else living where I do, does anyone have any ideas of how I can help from where I am?

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I helped save bernie a voter and i think there is a lesson here!

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I helped save bernie a voter and i think there is a lesson here!

This just happened. So someone came here to flame us for being "hypocrites" for following bernie while this person and their family were denied entry into a bernie event.

I had a dialogue with them through direct and this was its end.

Edit: I have the full conversation just in the off chance anyone is interested.

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I contributed to Bernie’s campaign

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It's my first time ever contributing to a political candidate. IMO he's the only one who sounds like he gives two shits about those living in poverty and we're only seeing the divide between the wealthy and the poor get worse. I grew up in a family whose income was below the poverty line.

Thanks Bernie for taking the cynicism out of politics.

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Sander WILL WIN IF We can AVOID Iran War!

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  1. (CNN) — Sen. Bernie Sanders has received contributions from 1 million donors, his 2020 campaign announced Thursday.

  2. Bernie and Joe is a SURE WIN. BUT there is One TRAP!!! War with Iran Puts Trump in office since US Doesn’t likes to Mess up a War President in the middle of during the conflict .A well Know to work republican strategys well tested :

  3. If Bernie’s win First Priority is takes us to dept of half a trillion to wipes student loans just do it. Loan cause lots of Depression to these loners. If trump wins its okay still. There are thin he is doing only him can do it. Strong military Global

  4. No reason to cancel student Debt without a plan to stop student debts. END All Government loans to private school

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Hosting events to help raise money for campaign.

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Hi all. Long time supporter but new to this sub. Just curious about what the title indicates. Is there anyway to host events where "entry fees" can be then donated to the campaign? If this would be possible, any pertinent info would be greatly appreciated. Would getting in touch with local/state organizers be the first step to get them involved so everything is legit (cross the t's and dot the lowercase j's)? Thinking I would really like to get involved somehow and just thinking through logistics of fundraiser events. Had some ideas in mind. Thanks!

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Fellow LGBTQ Bernie supporters and allies…

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The media is at it once again trying to push an anti-Sanders narrative with Bernie declining to attend the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall in October.

Bernie is the strongest LGBTQ supporter of all the candidates. Period. Just a few examples:

32 Years Before SCOTUS Decision, Sanders Backed Gay Pride March

Mayor Bernie Sanders Created an ’80s Trans Mecca in Burlington

Official Sanders video: Bernie Sanders – 40 Years of Pride

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Just wanna note the IMMENSE difference in online presence for Bern,just on Reddit.

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Warren's most populous reddit? Has around 27,000 members. Just this reddit for Bernard? Over 300, 000 members, I think. He has such a massive advantage, man. I'm hoping his ground game crushes Warren and Biden and everyone else, right to the nomination on the first DNC ballot.

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Warren is not an alternative to Sanders, they are very different when you look past the media’s manufactured consent of her campaign, here is a comprehensive break down of their differences.

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(Deleted first post from a few minutes ago, realized my previous title was lacking)

  • Warren has consistently waffled on Medicare for All, from either not supporting to it, to using private insurance language like "accessibility".

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Everything (Except Healthcare)

Warren Uses GOP Talking Point On Health Care

  • Warren is not committing to rejecting big donors in the General Election, her Primary election was launched on her big donor fundraising from 2008 effectively undermining her grass root image.

Last winter and spring, she transferred $ 10.4 million in leftover funds from her 2018 Senate campaign to underwrite her 2020 run, a portion of which was raised from the same donor class she is now running against.

(the funny part is that this article dismisses that fact as non problematic)

Warren Will Forgo Big Money Donors In Primary But Not General Election: "I Do Not Believe In Unilateral Disarmament"

Elizabeth Warren ripped Joe Biden’s big Philly fund-raiser. Last year, she did an event with some of the same rich donors.

Warren fundraised with millionaires before priamry, NYT article – National Rational

With regards to "disarming", just remember Sanders doesn't have this fear and actually believes in us and his own ability.

  • Warren is working with Clinton, and reassuring the establishment of her party that she won't challenge their power, the opposite of Sanders who is not shy about working to help primary anyone who blocks our vision.

Report: Warren Is Bending To Party Insiders

Elizabeth Warren is Buttering Up Democratic Party Elites as Part of 2020 Strategy

Warren and Clinton talk behind the scenes as 2020 race intensifies

Krystal Ball: Warren's Hillary connections revealed?

Elizabeth Warren Soars As The Democratic Party Embraces Her

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not 'the same'. One of them thinks it's OK to buy elections

Third Way Support

  • Warren is only polling best with white people, she is failing among minorities. Funny how there's no mention of this in the media while Sanders was hammered for it in 2008… Her electability is not nearly as certain as Sanders, who is also killing it with Obama voters who had flipped to Trump; not to mention he polling the best of his competition in Texas.

Biden, Sanders and Warren lead Trump in new Texas poll

The latest Univision News survey of Texas finds Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) doing best in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up against Trump in Texas, leading the president 48 percent to 42 percent.

Bernie DOMINATES With Obama-Trump Swing Voters

Sanders leads with black voters

  • Additionally I firmly believe her biggest offense was in 2016 when she stayed silent on Standing Rock as Native Americans protesters were brutally attacked for months. Warren only made a statement supporting the Native people's efforts AFTER Obama denied the excess pipeline permits.

Elizabeth Warren Disappoints Progressives Again With Late Statement On Standing Rock [Opinion]

Elizabeth Warren’s Shameful Exploitation of Standing Rock Victory

Can you imagine if Sanders tried to claim support for ending segregation after Civil Rights passed, rather than actually marching and being arrested with the protesters? Yeah, it would be disqualifying, and what Warren did shouldn't be dismissed. She's either bought or a coward, until someone can give a legitimate reason for her silence…

Saagar Enjeti, Krystal Ball: Elizabeth Warren is not the answer

Warren's surge is the result of manufactured consent by the media and the establishment, the number of articles flooding the internet about her plans and catching up to Biden have all but eclipsed anything about Sanders outside an occasional smear article. For Christ sake CNN had a 10 minute video about how well she runs, and her unlimited energy. And people are falling for it hook line and sinker… That said Warren has crowds and popularity, she is actually energizing people, it's not quite the same thing as Clinton who the media had to avoid showing her rally sizes, because Warren is actually good at campaigning unlike Hilary. But she got to where she is by spring boarding off big donor fundraising from 2018, and the media giving her plenty of updraft…

Mods, I understand this post isn't strictly about Sanders, but It is extremely important that we draw the contrast between Warren and Sanders, she is not an alternative to Bernie, she's just the best option among the establishment candidates. I believe Warren will fight for half measures, do little to rock the boat, then get replaced by another authoritarian Republican who will undo her entire Presidency, or she'll just lose to Trump.

Thank you for your time.

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