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What does a $15/hr minimum wage mean for franchisees?

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So the question in my topic: what does a $ 15/hr minimum wage mean for a franchisee that really isn't making that much to begin with?

My Dad runs a 7-11 as a franchisee in Salt Lake City Utah. He's been a Democrat his whole life. He likes most if Bernie's policies, however, he is terrified of a 15/hr wage increase.

Right now he says his workers earn between minimum wage and up to 12/hr for the managers. He and his partner work 80+ hours per week between the two of them and in a good year they bring in about 120k. That's a salary of about 60k each when times are good.

A wage increase could seriously cut into his profit margins.

From the workers perspective, the cost of living in SLC isn't as high as other cities, but high enough that the current minimum wage is not enough to be considered a living wage. Clearly a 15/hr wage would help them immensely, and probably result in less employee turnover, which is a good thing for him.

Here are some scenarios that I've talked through with him.

Scenario 1) 7-11 does nothing to offset the wage increase. Franchisees potentially are not making enough money for the trouble and do not renew their contacts with 7-11. Worse yet, they default on their business loans, second mortgage, etc that was put down to help pay for their franchise feed. 7-11 is forced to fully own and run the shops. And franchisees are out of a job.

Scenario 2) 7-11 gets scared of scenario 1 because it means way more overhead costs for them. Corporate run 7-11s make less money overall because the people running then are just workers, not owners. To help, 7-11 helps pay for better wages. By either doing their own wealth redistribution from their corporate execs, or something else. Bottom line is that if they don't find a way to help franchisees, they have a management nightmare on their hands.

Scenario 3) somehow part of the minimum wage raise comes from government subsides as part of the plan?

Scenario 4) part of the plan requires that those money come from corporate coffers to protect the franchisees.

Scenario 5) he ends up simultaneously raising more money through sales because many many more people can now asked to their away money at convenience stores. Business just naturally booms.

I don't know what scenarios are likely, or if there are others that I should consider.

I'm a Bernie supporter, because I think everyone deserves a living wage, but that should be at the cost of the corporate execs and shareholders not the people that are franchisees.

What do you guys think? Is my dad crazy to be worried, or does a 15/hr wage increase need some protections for the franchisees? How do we make sure we don't put other small businesses out? Are there some facts or studies out there that I can use to understand what the impacts might actually be here?

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