50 State Strategy: How We Win

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AL- Go to South Carolina, Canvass your town

AK- Phonebank, go to American Samoa or N. Mariana Islands

AR- Canvass your town

AZ- Go to Nevada

CA- Canvass your town

CT- Go to Massachusetts

CO- Canvass your town

DE- Go to Virginia

FL- Go to South Carolina

GA- Go to South Carolina

HI- Go to American Samoa

IA- Go to Minnesota

ID- Go to Nevada

IN- Go to Tennessee

IL- Go to Minnesota

KS- Go to Oklahoma or Colorado

KY- Go to South Carolina

LA- Go to Texas or Arkansas

MA- Canvass your town

MD- Go to Virginia

ME- Canvass your town

MI- Phonebank

MN- Canvass your town

MO- Go to Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Tennessee

MS- Go to Alabama, Arkansas, or Tennessee

MT- Go to Utah or Minnesota

NC- Go to South Carolina

ND- Go to Minnesota

NE- Go to Colorado or Oklahoma

NH- Go to Maine

NJ- Go to Massachusetts or Virginia

NM- Go to Colorado

NV- Canvass

NY- Go to Massachusetts or Vermont

OH- Go to Tennessee or Virginia

OK- Canvass your town

OR- Go to Nevada or California

PA- Go to Massachusetts or Virginia

RI- Go to Massachusetts

SC- Canvass

SD- Go to Minnesota

TN- Canvass your town

TX- Canvass your town

UT- Go to Nevada, Canvass your town

VA- Go to South Carolina, Canvass your town

VT- Canvass your town

WA- Go to California

WI- Go to Minnesota

WV- Go to South Carolina

WY- Go to Colorado or Utah

Expats- Register for Dems Abroad, Go to American Samoa

American Samoa- Canvass with the BERN app

N. Mariana Islands- Canvass with the BERN app

Puerto Rico- Phonebank and canvass with the BERN app

International friends- Texbank & Phonebank

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