A Few Big Differences Between Bernie and Warren

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Bernie Warren
Committed to Medicare for All from the beginning Only recently supports Medicare for all but calls it a ‘framework’.
Committed to small donor fundraising even in the General election Small donor fundraising in the Primary, not the general
Did not vote to approve Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing Voted to approve Ben Carson then flip flopped when criticized.
Worked with Republicans to repeal the 'Medical Device Tax'
Long history of progressivism dating back to the 60s Staunch Republican up until the late 90s.
Experienced as the longest serving member of congress, Mayor of Burlington, VT Harvard professor, 2nd term Senator
78 years old 71 years old
Did not vote for Trump’s Military Budget Voted twice for Trump’s increase in the Military budget
Long History of supporting trade unions and wants to expand the trade union movement Scant recent history of supporting unions, copied Bernie's Workplace Democracy Act
Has a comprehensive Green New Deal Plan smaller plan
Wants to cancel all student debt Wants to cancel some student debt with means-testing solution.
Wants to cancel medical debt
Supported LGBTQ equality since 1972 Supported marriage equality in 2012
Supported Womens' Rights, Equal pay, and Reproductive Rights for his entire career Before 2012 unknown
Life Long champion for progressive issues Other than banking issues. No record of supporting progressive causes before running for Senate in 2012
Thoroughly vetted Unknown record of her positions before 2012

A few other big differences between Warren & Bernie

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