A PSA about our attention and energy on Reddit.

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This sub is lovely! And important. But if we're being real about Reddit we need to understand a few things-

First, the front page is extraordinarily powerful…and valuable. So when I see Warren hitting the top of politics and the front page with a really banal statement about monopolies I am both pleased (because it's a good message and she's not terrible) but also quite concerned. Because she has in the last few weeks garnered a surprising amount of top posts considering where she's polling and the lack of real news out of her camp.

Of course money can buy exposure on reddit and we already know there will be some very deep and established pockets rooting for a more…"pliable" democratic candidate. Maybe that's Warren, maybe that's Biden, who knows?! But I bring all this up because this sub is safe. It's great for organizing, spreading good words and info and having great discussions. But the battleground for these primaries will be on r politics and r news.

Reddit already loves Bernie. He's the most popular candidate by far with these demographics. So obviously money can generate exposure, and it will. But so can genuine popularity in the right places.

The point of this PSA is to remind you lovely people to not dwell here too long because it's comfortable. Because a vote or a post in r news or politics will travel farther and reach and impact more of the people we want to eventually join this sub and this movement! It won't always be fun, big subs are often pretty gross. But beyond spreading a good message we should remember that this platform is extremely inclusive. This platform welcomes and supports WAY more people than realize it does…and we need to let them know that both we and Bernie have got their back!

So please please please, be active here. This place is going to grow like crazy over the next year and be it's own juggernaut soon enough. BUT also, stay active on those big subs, they reach people and they matter!

Bern on you beauties!

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