According To That Monmouth Poll Where Bernie Has The Highest “Least Like To Be The Nominee Score” It Comes From Older, Moderate Or Conservative, White, College Educated Men. Take That Narrative! Data Inside.

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According to the data tabs on the relevant question here are the Sanders numbers: 13% among men vs 8% among women 9% among liberals vs 11% among moderates and conservatives 9% among people under 50 vs 11% among 50 and older 7% among whites without a college degree vs 15% among those with a college degree 10% among white voters and 10% among non-white voters

There is no more detailed age breakdown but we know what it would show. There is no data on non-white voters with or without degrees. There is no data about social democrats, leftists, or socialists because they only go to liberal.

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