An Occupier’s Case for Bernie 2020!

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In 2011, I and 700 other Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested marching across the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC. Michael Bloomberg leveraged the full force of the NYC infrastructure against us – from police to MTA buses – to trick and entrap us and fill every jail cell in the city to try and neuter the movement. As the OWS movement continued undaunted, reporters would increasingly insist on asking, "What are your demands? When will you stop the Occupation?" They were never satisfied with our answers and branded the movement as aimless. Now, on the rare occasion that Occupy comes up they call it, 'a failed movement' that 'never accomplished anything.'

Well, they are dead wrong. And I've finally realized fully why:

We were protesting toward a political revolution and that revolution may finally be here with our main man Bernie Sanders. It just took some time to percolate.

We slept in Liberty Plaza Park for 4 months – as fall turned to winter. We marched in Oakland against a barrage of rubber bullets and tear gas. We were arrested at the Iowa State Capitol. We gathered in town squares and in front of city halls all over the country. We took over streets and parks. We demanded income equality. We railed against Wall St.'s destruction of our economy. We chanted slogans against the power of the 1%.

Anyways, it's all to say that's why I'm voting for Bernie. I didn't get arrested for nothing. The movement wasn't a failure. And let's prove that. Let's prove it tomorrow in Iowa, and then in New Hampshire, and then in Nevada, and South Carolina! And then let's prove it all over the country!

Let's vote for the man who was also arrested standing up for justice. Go Bernie!

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