Another donation for us. REMINDER: March 3rd is the primary election day for Texas! VOTE!

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Another donation for us. REMINDER: March 3rd is the primary election day for Texas! VOTE!

I'm 24. I have never, not once, listened to a politician and taken every word they said to heart so much as to cry. I feel like Bernie is the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel. The light that will change American politics and history forever.

I've never donated. That changed with Bernie, I've donated twice now and plan to continue donating even tho I'm struggling myself. The reason why I would even be willing to sacrifice eating for one day out of the week so I could help his campaign is mainly because I know if I was wealthy, I would donate so much more and that's exactly what's happening in other situations. So not donating at all, to me, is saying "Yeah, only the rich and powerful can affect campaigns because they have the money to do so. So I guess I should just lie down and take the beating some more"

The Killer Mike ad that I saw the other week hit me so hard in the feels that I put it on repeat for about 30 minutes and just kept crying because I wanted so badly for this man to save us. To save me. To save any family I may have in the future.

Why would Bernie help me? Here are some examples from my life:

I work as a mover, a furniture mover. And 2 years ago I fell about 12-14 feet and landed directly flat on my feet which gave me a stress fracture in my left heel. I knew I didn't have health insurance because I couldn't afford it. I could barely walk but the fear of debt forced me to not seek help. I limped for 6 months, while working in manual labor and trying my hardest to hide my pain from my bosses because otherwise I would have been on the streets. I don't have family that can help me. I'm the first born Ukrainian-American generation of my family and live alone hundreds and thousands of miles away from relatives.

When I worked at Amazon 3.5 years ago I fell ill due to sickness in the factory. I got bronchitis and Amazon allowed me to go see a doctor. Just for the check-up it was just under $ 1000 for less than 10 minutes with the doctor. I was prescribed some medicine, possibly anti-biotics but couldn't pick them up because they still cost money, which I didn't have because of bills, which I couldn't make more money because Amazon fired me for missing too much work… because I got sick from the factory conditions. I wish I knew the specifics of all this but Amazon eventually refused to respond to me. I was so scared I would have to pay that medical bill, and so far I haven't seen anything saying I have medical debt anywhere so this leads me to assume they took the loss, covered the 10 minute doctor visit, fired me so they wouldn't have to deal with it, and went on about their day.

As far as education goes, I've always had a passion for math. I even landed a job as a junior in high school teaching college level math. My entire life I've wanted to be a theoretical physicist, a paleontologist, or be involved in video game design. It's always been those three, I'd take any of the three. But my dreams were quickly crushed when I learned about how much college costs. I couldn't pull loans, and I'm honestly glad I didn't because living debt free has always been my priority. I refuse to allow myself to get walked on and fall into this scheme that both the education system and healthcare system is pulling. I quite honestly, would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Now I sit here, in this day and age, constantly doing my own research on current events. I try my hardest to find reliable sources, what happened, why it happened, who it affected, what it cost, etc, etc. But this is all taking a heavy toll on my mental status. I can't keep watching politicians, on video, look directly at evidence, sometimes VIDEO evidence, and then vote as if they never saw it and deny the facts of reality, how is that legal?? I think it's safe to say that after this presidency I will legitimately need some type of therapy, but Bernie winning could possibly reverse all those terrible feelings I have, even if corruption is still in the highest levels of the government. I just don't understand why and how people can be so cruel. Bernie is the only one I've seen that doesn't have a stain on him. His record is clean. He genuinely cares for us and is the embodiment of exactly what I thought people with power were supposed to be like.

REMINDER: March 3rd is the primary election day for Texas! VOTE! (You can check if you are registered with a quick google search as well as find out where you can vote early. Early voting begins in some locations Feb 22nd from what it is telling me on the govt website)

I'm proud to say I will vote for Bernie. "Not me. Us."

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