Anything other than “cats can have a little salami?”

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I’ve been tasked to mentor a new employee (office is in Texas). She’s super friendly and has a decent learning curve, but it didn’t take long to realize that she doesn’t keep up with current events AT ALL (not even celebrity gossip as others in the office are). We haven’t talked about politics at all, but she brought it up while we were having lunch today.

She said, “I really don’t trust Trump. You can’t have much faith in someone who doesn’t care for animals.” When I asked for clarity, she said how Trump has never had a pet (so not about policies). I casually asked her out of the Democratic candidates who is she considering, and she asked who was running. I named some names very matter-of-factly and that was about the end of that topic.

With that said… is Bernie a pet-owner? Or maybe a former one? I can’t think of anything other than the cats having a little bit of salami thing (which I’m sure is more of a meme than anything else, but not going to exactly fact check). I know Warren and Buttigieg have been out public with their dogs.

I see her everyday at work and am pretty sure I can sway her since she respects me a lot (given our work positions and even personal advice). If you ask about her personality, she would closest align with Marianne Williamson… talks a lot about dreams, finding love, checks her daily horoscope, and stuff like that. She also has a lot of family in Oklahoma, she said she voted for Trump because that’s what her family told her to do.

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