Background on the Vermont paper asking Bernie not to run.

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Ok here we go people.

In 2016 the Times Argus and Rutland Herald were sold to Reade Brower of Maine and Chip Harris of New Hampshire.[6] Earlier in the year both papers had cut back their publication frequency from a daily cycle to four days per week.[6]

"Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, has met with Mr. Brower several times since he bought the company that controls The Portland Press Herald."

Mr. Brower soon bought a press in Brunswick. In 2015, he approached MaineToday Media about doing some of their printing. Mr. Sussman, a hedge fund manager who had rescued the papers in 2012, replied that he should buy the company.

Vermont's Times Argus and Rutland Herald to be sold

Rutland Herald, Times Argus Lay Off Pulitzer Prize-Winning Editor "Moats said newspapers traditionally have maintained a divide between editorial page editors and news editors, which allows news editors to maintain their objective view. When news editors are charged with writing editorials, as the Rutland Herald plans to do, Moats says it can be challenging. The Rutland Herald told readers that news editors Steve Pappas and Roger Carroll will write editorials and select letters to the editor for the papers' editorial pages."

Long time Vermont paper is sold to a Maine company with a very corporate bent in 2016. Welcome to 2018.

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