Be Gentle, It’s My First Time (Donating)

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I'm 45. I've been a registered republican since I was 18, though the last time I voted for a republican president was the first time "W" ran. I did not vote for him the second time and haven't voted republican since.

I feel like the republican party has shifted way to far right for me to be remotely comfortable with their positions and policies. I'm more fiscally conservative but socially liberal, and the republican part of today sickens me. The rhetoric from family members parroting Fox news talking points all over Facebook sickens me. Legit sick to my stomach feeling interacting with my own family members who can't even see the republican policies they defend so rabidly are having a huge negative impact on their own lives, on their own children's lives.

I've been told, by my own family members that only people who can't provide for themselves or their families vote democrat, yet I'm relatively successful in my eyes, and much more successful in my career than any of those family members.

I've been told that democrats are cowards, and couldn't defend out nation if needed, that only republicans are true patriots. I've been told this by my own family members who never served in the military, the irony lost on them that I spent 5 years on active duty in the Marines.

I've been told that college is dangerous, I've had family members tell me they hope their child doesn't go to college. This from family members who bounce from job to job while struggling financially or being supported by their spouse.

I can't take it any more. Today was the final straw in bs, hypocritical nonsense from family members. So today I decided to make a change. Instead of addressing their nonsense head on, which has proven to be pointless, I've decided to counteract their ignorance in another manner.

Today is the first time in my life that I've ever made political contributions. I donated $ 100 to the cause.

Every time I feel like I've reached the end of my patience dealing with their nonsense, I'll make another contribution!

Good luck Bernie. You have my support!

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