Bernie 2020 Thanksgiving Day Social Media Action: Trend #IFightForThem

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Bernie 2020 Thanksgiving Day Social Media Action: Trend #IFightForThem

Bernie and his parents, Eli and Dorothy and brother, Larry. #IFightForThem

This holiday is a time to reflect on the people we are grateful to have in our lives, and this Thanksgiving we are asking you to also reflect on who in your life drives you to do what you do for our movement. We hope all of you will participate in #IFightForThem and share who in your life you're fighting for when you fight for Bernie.

Here's what you need to do to participate:

1) Think about someone close to you who will be helped by Bernie's presidency, or an issue that drives you
2) If you have someone in mind, ask if they can the subject of your social media post — and if you can share their picture.
3) Take time to write a tweet, or Facebook or Instagram post using the hashtag #IFightForThem and post it at exactly 1 pm ET/10 am PT on Thanksgiving Day.

We appreciate any help spreading the word before now and the action time tomorrow!

Here's an example post from our social media strategist:

My sister is a talented journalist. I'm grateful that as a kid she taught me to read and love learning. But the cost of her degree means she pays $ 450 a month in student loans. Millions of people can't follow their dreams because of student debt, and like Bernie, #IFightForThem.

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