Bernie brings people together in so many ways…

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I was having such a bad day. Now I’m sitting in stand still traffic, and I hear beeping next to me. I look over at this guy pulling the front of his shirt at me. For a split second I’m thinking I’m being sexually harassed per usual, and then I realize he has seen the Bernie sticker on my car and is pulling on his Bernie T shirt so I can see it! He, his friend, and I all start laughing, waving, thumbs upping, beeping at each other. It was such a great moment it made my day!! I love finding fellow Bernie lovers and the positive vibes we always share.

What do you think happens when two Trump supporters meet? They bond over their mutual hatred for immigrants and start chanting BUILD THE WALL or some shit. Bernie is just love and kindness for all people.

BERNIE 2020 !!

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