Bernie is being tone deaf on Trump/g7. That g7 summit was the first time in my life I had seen an American president take a hard line against first world countries rather than chasing communists and third world countries.

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I check Bernie's twitter to see if maybe say anything about the fact that Trump is holding true to his trade rhetoric on the campaign trail. His last tweet is some basic war mongering crap talking about how Trump is betraying "allies" in favor of "adversaries"…

Sorry but what I saw was a guy tell a bunch of rich white countries who have been riding our coattails for decades "America is the piggy bank everyone robs, and this ends."

Then he goes and makes friendly with a country that the main stream media DESPERATELY wants to make the next war on terror.

We are about to see a whole new future and I was absolutely glued to the feed just thinking… "It's been 2 years and I'm already witnessing come completely unprecedented historic event that would never happen even with Bernie lets be honest.

Trump up ended the status quo twice in a couple days. I know he was more bullish than Bernie would have been but I really don't care. He is actually DOING THINGS and it's refreshing to see for once in my life.

I don't remember a single time I stayed up all night watching some historic event from Obamas presidency.

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