“Bernie is crazy — he wants people flipping burgers to make the same per hour as a paramedic.” Wrong. Bernie understands that fast food workers deserve a living wage, and Bernie understands that the people tasked with keeping your heart beating on the way to the ER deserve better wages, too.

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I've never understood this argument: "Why should we pay burger flippers the same as we pay paramedics?"

Are you kidding me?

First, anyone who works full time, whether they are flipping burgers or picking up your trash, deserve to be paid a living wage that they can survive on, not slave wages that require them to skip insulin doses or choose between rent and food.

And second, the people who are tasked with making sure your heart keeps beating on the way to the hospital — do you REALLY think that $ 15/hour is all they should be paid?

They are legitimately the people tasked with saving your freaking lives, and folks want to balk that they, too, might deserve higher pay?

Come on, now.

Everyone working full time deserves a living wage.

And the people who are tasked with life saving jobs need a raise, too.

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