Bernie Needs To Tell His Personal Story with HealthCare

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Bernie needs to explain his personal experience with healthcare when he was young and how it impacted him and how his parents died young and how it impacted him. He needs to come out personal when discussing M4A since he has supported a national insurer plan for almost 50+ years. He needs to moral high ground on this issue vs his opponents. A regular voter will not know the details of M4A at first if they aren’t personally swayed into by a Movement Leader with an emotional story. This issue of him not telling his personal story is frighting since regular apolitical voters aren’t swayed by movement talk but by regular characteristics like how a candidate speaks, are they honest, are they a fighter, and are connectable. Bernie does fine in those three categories but bad in if a candidate is connectable since he never discusses his story. As a Bernie supporter it’s necessary to have a movement with many stories from voters and supporter but Bernie needs his story to give an emotional connection between him and voters if he really wants to get elected and controlled discussions over health with a moral high ground

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