Bernie Sanders and The Economy – Response to Critics

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I often speak with a friend of mine regarding politics… he is staunchly a Trump supporter, however, claims Bernie sanders was "his man" up till he found Bernie wasn't paying his staff the $ 15.00/hr he is saying he wants to raise minimum wage to… along with he is living like a king with multiple properties etc etc. He also stated how the economics of Bernie is horrible, and the numbers do not add up. He also claimed Bernie is corrupt… etc.. and that ultimately he will vote for the person that taxes him the least and doesn't take his weapons away… face palm.

I don't really want to argue with him, I try to keep it conversational as arguments just embeds other people's opinions and stances even more. However, I find it difficult to even hold a conversation when people tend to just practice mental gymnastics around logic and facts. I can explain what I said to him, but I was coming here … not in search for an echo chamber but in search for hopefully of actual critical responses I can use to respond to people. I have googled a bit about the economics of Bernie Sander's, frankly it seems economists tend to be biased every which way and I am having a hard time finding anything quantitative without extreme bias one way or the other.

As far as economy does anyone have any good up to date resources on how Bernie Sander's policies will affect the economy? Specifically Healthcare / schooling for all. I understand how economically this is feasible considering many countries do have this and are economically fine.. so I would be very surprised if one of the richest countries in the world couldn't pull of something so basic… but I'd like to have some credible sources backing up such if anyone has a master list or a link to a post that is recent/applicable to his current plans. I apologize if this is somewhere obvious, perhaps I suck at googling lol.

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