Bernie Sanders as POTUS would be too good to be true. The deep state will not tolerate this.

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I think we can be legitimately concerned that if Bernie wins the presidency and implements his policies, it will make very powerful special interest groups very very angry.

The military industrial complex will not be happy about fewer arms deals with say, Saudi Arabia. The wall street will not be happy about tighter financial regulations. And big pharma & private insurance companies will not be happy about Medicare for all.

These are just a few examples of powerful interest groups who profit of the status quo. And we all know how much Bernie is against the current system. But keep in mind that when we use the term 'anti-establishment' it not only means the political establishment in washington but also the powerful economic forces and groups who corrupted the political system in the first place.

Bernie wants to change all of that which makes him Private Enemy No. 1.

If the CIA indeed owns something like a heart attack gun (because why not?) I wouldn't be surprised if they will use it to make his death look 'natural'. But such a scenario is of course highly speculative and conspiratorial. Fact of the matter is, powerful groups have an indisputable interest in preventing Bernie becoming the POTUS.

But let's just hope that I'm wrong.

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