Bernie Sanders is changing not only politics, but people.

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Not sure if personal stories are allowed, so this can be removed if it isn't. I just wanted to share my excitement.

My mother is 65 years old. She is not a political person and she has never been registered to vote. My brothers are also not political people, and I'm pretty sure they've never voted either. I've been on the social democracy train for the last 16 years. Speaking politics with them is like talking to myself. Normally their eyes glaze over and they tune me out.

However, this past weekend, the 4 of us were talking about DT and how terrible of a person he is, much less a president. My mother then brings the conversation around to Bernie Sanders and how she believes that if he gets elected that the US will be back on the right path. She saw his town hall on Fox and was really stuck by how genuine he is and where he stands on issues like care for vets, universal healthcare, free public tuition, and his tax policies for the super rich. My brothers both chimed in saying that Bernie is the best chance at saving America from itself. All three confirmed that if Bernie gets the democratic candidacy they would be more likely to register and vote.

To top that off, my strictly Republican voting dad did not vote Republican for the first time in his life in 2016 and agreed that Bernie had been shafted by the DNC. He's also no longer a member of the NRA.

I can not contain how happy I am to support a candidate that has not only changed the democratic platform, but is also changing people. I'm so excited to be living through such a great political shift in America. Great things are coming!

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