Bernie sympathetic/curious and I have a couple of questions

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Heya all, full disclosure I currently support another candidate but the media I have been taking in recently is pretty pro-Bernie and so I'm trying to learn a bit more about him and I have a couple of questions.

1) Student Loan Forgiveness

A friend (who is a Warren supporter) told me that while Warren may have 'copied' (for want of a better word) some of Bernie's policies, he has also 'copied' some of hers. He said that she pushed for student loan forgiveness first. Do you guys know if that's true?

2) Medicare for All and the duplicative coverage prohibition

It seems like there is a big divide regarding Medicare for All vs Medicare Choice (or whatever each candidate want to call it).

The argument I have heard is that if you allow people to opt out of M4A and keep their private insurance you are splitting the pool where the private insurers pick up the low risk people and leave the high risk/cost people to the government plan. The cost effectiveness of M4A relies on sharing the risk across everyone and so this would effectively undermine the M4A system.

So I get that line of argument if what is being proposed is that people who 'opt out' of M4A in favour of private insurance also get to avoid paying into the system. But what would be the problem with keeping Bernie's M4A bill, but just removing the prohibition of duplicative coverage in section 107?

If your employer was still paying the 7.5% payroll tax, and you were still paying your 4% income tax but you also chose to pay for some kind of private, duplicative insurance coverage and use that, how would that hurt the M4A system? Surely it would be helping it since you are still paying into the system but you would not be using the system to pay for your care?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just don't understand all the fuss over duplicative coverage.


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