Bernie’s plan to change the justice system

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I have seen the Bernie campaign promote his many amazing ideas like Green New Deal, Medicare for all, housing plan, etc, but I have never seen anyone talk about his amazing plan to change law enforcement + the justice system. Bernie plans to involve social workers, EMTs, and civilian workers in the law enforcement process so that they can handle/deescalate lower level offenses.

Bernie plans to focus law enforcement resources to increase the solve rate of the most serious crimes, such as homicides, shootings, and sexual assaults. The sexual assault piece is incredibly important to me, as a survivor. I tried to get justice through the police and title IX and nobody did anything. Out of 1000 reported sexual assaults, 995 perpetrators walk free. There are about 500k sexual assaults a year in the US, just including people over 12, & probably many more including the people under 12. Every sexual assault case is reduced to a “he said she said situation,” and nobody has thought “oh fuck maybe we should figure out a better way to solve these cases, because we can’t let this happen.” Except for Bernie. Bernie also wants to give victims of sexual assault more resources and paid leave from work. I’m so grateful Bernie is trying to change this and shedding light on this reality.

Bernie plans to cut the mass incarceration population in half and expand sentencing alternatives, which is so important to reduce crime and rehabilitate people. If we treat people like shit, throw them in shitty, abusive conditions and give them few resources to thrive obviously nothing will get better. His plan is restorative justice, and we really need that right now since the US has the highest mass incarceration population in the world.

TLDR; read Bernie’s issues pages on his website, specifically “Justice and Safety for All.” It’s amazing and important and full of great ideas.

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