Bernie’s response to a question on his age and health at recent event (request for source)

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In the past week or so, I recall coming across a video of an event where Senator Sanders responded to a question from an audience member about his health/age. He essentially responded that we should look at the totality of a candidate, and that his age meant he had a record which could show that he has been fighting for his platform for many years. It was a wonderful answer.

I had intended to save this video to show to friends and family in comparison to Biden's poor handling of a man questioning his age at a town hall (the "let's do some pushups" response), but I can't find the Bernie video for the life of me. I've combed through all of my browser and YouTube history but it's like it never existed.

Does anyone else remember this video? I would be extremely grateful if someone could post it. I believe Bernie was wearing a sweater (maybe..?) and it was in a slightly dark venue. Or, perhaps, I'm just dreaming about Bernie rallies lately.

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