Call to action: (Campaign text/email) Gonna be outspent in Nevada

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Just received this text:

** Critical Bernie 2020 Update ** Pete Buttigieg's super PAC is spending BIG in Nevada and now ANOTHER super PAC is running ATTACK ADS against Bernie. We are getting outspent with one week to go and need your help to fight back. Can you rush one more $ 27 contribution to help Bernie?

And email:

Yesterday we learned the same outside spending group that placed almost $ 1 million in negative ads in Iowa attacking Bernie Sanders is at it again in Nevada. The ads launch tomorrow.

We also learned that Pete Buttigieg’s super PAC is going on the air in the state as well.

That is trouble.

Because it means that the Buttigieg campaign and the super PACs are effectively working in concert toward the same goal of erasing Bernie’s lead. We are likely going to be outspent in this final week, and that is not good.

So Bernie needs your help to fight back, because he simply cannot do this alone:

Can you make a contribution to our campaign to help us fight back against Pete Buttigieg’s big money ad campaign and the super PACs working to defeat us in Nevada?

If we hope to win in Nevada, the campaign is going to need help. Please spread the word. We can't afford a "soft win" in Nevada.

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