Calling 911 is Weird!

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  • Have you thought how Weird phone calling 911 is? The customer service rep comes on and starts listing their Packages for sale. they offer 2 main lines of service. 1: if you need some one Shot, Killed, Dead right now, its Free of charge. Will provide Expedited Rush Delivery Free, beat the Pizza Guy, Jimmy Johns Guy there by 5 mins. You don't got to tip them ether. If they mess up your dry walling with lots of holes. They got insurance included for that Free too. To cover you for their aim going all over the place. 2: The 2nd Service they offer is the Opposite, if you want someone to NOT die, life Saved. put back together again. The base introductory package starts at $ 5000, the delivery charge is $ 3500 to $ 5000 depending upon where you live. The Deluxe full service plans of "The Not Dying" go up to $ 250,000 to $ 1,000,000. with Air delivery by helicopter $ 10,000. no buddy else is offering helicopter delivery. its like the lottery, gambling you don't know what package your going to get. lots of times your a sleep and don't get to pick at all, you just wake up there and they hand you the bill, No say in it. you try to say you didn't want all these extra options and tune ups. you show them your "do not Resuscitate release forum for religious purposes". they say "well its to late, no refunds". they are the worst mechanizes when it comes to scam charges sometimes. You don't want to hear about the hotel rooms, trumps got better prices on hotel rooms. the maid will not respect your do not disturb sign. You know what… youuu.. know what I think. I don't agree with this at all .The government Should not be giving away free shit, to these free loaders, these "i want tough on crime welfare" types. you ether kill who you think needs killing your self or you Pay the police man $ 10,000 plus tips, tax, fill his gas tank. you pay for it just like the Rest of us folks who are still alive, we paid our Not Dying Bill, so should you!

  • (post context with subreddit rules. its a content that is tangentially related to Bernie Sanders submitted as a self post. being Humor and reversal parody of political views Us&Bernie would would have to debate against. i wrote it for my friends i thought you guys would like it) i can delete these lines later if it Survives the mods of New

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