Campaign’s schedule for today (Saturday, Dec. 28) and thereafter (Bernie is in NH)

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Bernie will be in New Hampshire through Sunday morning. Zephyr Teachout will be attending some events today. Bernie's schedule:

Bernie will be on MSNBC on Sunday, Dec. 29, at 9 pm ET. This interview has already been recorded.

Bernie travels from New Hampshire to Iowa on Sunday, Dec. 29, and will be in Iowa from Sunday afternoon through the following Sunday, Jan. 5:

(nothing is scheduled for Jan. 1)

For people who would like to volunteer in one of the first four states from out of state:

State information pages for the campaign:

These state-specific pages apparently exist only for these five states as of now. The campaign has staff in a number of other states, but corresponding state pages do not yet exist.

Locating Bernie 2020 events:

  • the campaign's official events list includes all of Bernie's appearances that are both sponsored by the campaign and open to the public, some of Bernie's appearances that are sponsored by private groups and that are open to the public, and some surrogate-led events. It does not list events that are not open to the public.

  • My events list includes all of Bernie's appearances and surrogate-led events that I can find out about

  • The campaign's events map lists both campaign events and volunteer-led events

  • An events search page that is apparently undocumented and that seems to have the same information as the events map, just above, but with additional search options. You can generate a chronological list of all "official campaign events" that are currently scheduled. This includes both Bernie events and surrogate events, but not events hosted by other organizations.

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