Can you imagine how Bernie would be treated in the corporate news media/NPR if…

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… he claimed he was Native American several times over many years and he took advantage of that claim with his employer

—he was a registered Republican for decades who somehow amazingly couldn't really remember where he stood politically for decades, until he was in his mid-40s, or who he voted for or where he stood an any of the great issues of the 70s, 80s or early 90s

—he worked as a consultant for corporations (against consumers)–firms like, say, Dow Corning– in bankruptcy cases as recently as the 1990s and made a small fortune by doing so

–he suddenly recalled he had been discriminated against unfairly in 1971and campaigned on it to score points but there is no corroborating evidence, indeed the opposite is the case, and a decade ago when discussing the 1971 incident Bernie made no mention of the act of discrimination whatsoever

Needless to say Bernie would be flame broiled and likely his campaign would end and many of his supporters would reject him categorically as another BS artist and phony.

Hell, no candidate for the Democratic nomination could get away with crap like that, could they? The only good news would be that we can be certain the Republicans and news media would never mention these issues in a general election campaign!

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