Canvassing is actually fun

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Friends; I started to canvass last Sunday, so far I knocked 113 doors. I actually found canvassing quite interesting and enjoyable once getting over the initial discomfort. I am quite introvert, so knocking doors does not come naturally to me. During last election cycle, I spent a few weeks canvassing for Bernie, each time I was extremely uncomfortable. I had to bring a family member along. But it suddenly became easy once I realized that I am not there to convince people to vote for Bernie, I am there to make a personal connection to the people in the community, to hear their stories, and to tell my story. Once I stopped being pushing, canvassing started to be fun for me. I guess I internalized that to change the US politics, we all really need to get involved, the more informed and active we are, the better outcome we will have, it really does not matter much whether they will vote for Bernie or not because the torch will have to pass on and on and on. and the movement will have to keep growing and growing.

I am still a bit pushy. I am learning.

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