Centrist here, trying to educate myself. Looking for honest, judgement free answers to help me understand Bernie and his platforms.

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Quick history on me. 35yo white male. I was unaffiliated and uninterested in politics until the night of Shock and Awe. Bush showing a strong hand and sticking to his word lead me down the path of the right at the time. That, but also that my parents were always conservative, but never pushed the issue, they just lived it so the ideology felt natural to me (bootstraps and whatnot). Now, a decade and change later, I’m significantly less in love with the right than I used to be, and at least had the foresight to not vote for Trump (I grabbed me some Johnson). That being said, and in all honesty, the word “socialism” IS still a scary/bad word to me. Call it indoctrination, call it what whatever you want, but that’s still in my head.

I see a lot of folks like you following Bernie and you all really seem to like what he has to say, but I’m having a hard time finding neutral opinions on him that aren’t seriously skewed for or against. I know you’re all supporters so they’re going to be skewed for, but I’m hoping to have a civilized honest discussion with you, actual real people. So, here are some of my questions that I’d love to have a discussion about.

One last thing, I know some of these questions are easy to look up to get answers. I’m hoping to have some honest back and forth discussion so that I can better understand your/his positions.

  1. Free college AND healthcare: what is the plan here exactly, or is it just still a vague concept and rallying cry? Has there been a solidified formula to show exactly HOW that would work? Also, I feel like just paying for things isn’t actually fixing the issue, when it’s the cost itself that is the problem. Has he proposed ideas to lower the cost as well as help pay for it?

  2. Gun control: I’m not a gun nut by any stretch, but I do support gun ownership and own a few shotguns and a pistol that were hand me downs from my dad. What are his proposals around gun ownership and purchasing/sales?

  3. Taxes: My wife and I make about $ 174k/year combined which I consider to be middle/upper middle class for my area. We have two kids and recently bought our first house. How will his proposed tax plans affect my family, if at all? Follow up, I work at a small business that makes about $ 3m per year and provides health, dental, vision, and a 3% 401k match. How will his tax plans affect my employer, if at all?

  4. COMBO! Taxes AND Healthcare: my wife works for a large healthcare company that owns and runs a network of hospitals, doctors offices, and urgent cares. Has it been explained how his ideas surrounding healthcare will affect these companies, if at all?

  5. Abortion: yeah, I’m against it, and I’m not looking for a debate on the topic. You’re not going to get me to change my mind here, but what are his thoughts on maximum gestation period and monetary coverage? I’m going to tread lightly here, so I’m really just looking for an answer.

  6. Death penalty: I assume he has an opinion. I’m fairly neutral and definitely see both sides, though I’d always err on the side on NOT killing someone. What has he said on the matter?

  7. BONUS ROUND: I’ve been around long enough to know that if you agree 100% with a politician then I have a bridge to sell you. What are some things that he’s said that you DON’T completely agree with?

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to discussing and learning.

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