Convincing your friends and families to back Bernie over Warren

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I want to preface with saying that Warren is my 2nd choice in this race and I would vote for her with some qualms. Also, obviously pulling from Biden is way more important at this point.

Here's the facts, we need Warren's supporters to defeat Biden. Divided we fall. The major thing that is eating into Bernie's support is that Warren went on a media blitz and is putting out several policies to see whatever sticks. The media with it's billionaire masters, obviously wants to push this divide in the left-wing of the democratic party as far as it can. Now you might ask yourself, how do you combat this? The simple answer is we have to push the facts.

Some people who are convinced on Warren say that she is the quintessential policy candidate. I really don't have faith in the person who called herself a "capitalist to my bones" and didn't take a stand to endorse Bernie in 2016 to actually get some of these things accomplished without doing some form of capitulating (she is already doing it with M4A).

Here are just some things to consider:

1.Bernie has been consistent his whole life on all his policies and fighting for the little guy, Warren was mostly a moderate-republican intill 1996.


2.Bernie helped Amazon workers get $ 15 by continued pressure on Bezos since 2016,, helping 100,000's of workers overnight. He will bring the same ferocity to the White House.

  1. In August 2016, Bernie joined the standing rock protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Warren waited till after the fact in December to show support after the Army Corps of Engineers would not grant the final easement, It was plain exploitation for political points.


  1. In 2014, Warren supported Israel's war on Gaza, where 547 civilians were killed by bombing, 250 of who were minors. Bernie was against that war calling it a "disproportionate response".


Now, obviously Warren might have "evolved" in some of these points, but having the correct view after the fact are not the qualities of a good leader, but are hallmarks of the standard politician. Bernie is creating a movement to change America, that started in 2015. Since then, he has changed the political landscape that has allowed even democratic socialists to run for office and win. We need someone to inspire the United States to become politically active.

If you guys have anymore examples, please post them below

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