Democrats want party unity to beat Trump? We agree: if you want to beat Trump, unite behind Bernie.

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A lot of well-meaning centrist Democrats and even a couple progressive-minded activists talk about "Unity" claptrap and will re-elect Trump in the process: they believe we need to unite around a compromise candidate to beat Trump. But Bernie has a MUCH safer shot of beating Trump than Warren. People who look the other way and refuse to fully internalize this fact — centrist Dem voters nationwide, and DNC leaders — are doing the nation a huge disservice by not taking our warning seriously. If you want to beat Trump, you don't have a choice. Unite behind Bernie. Unite now.

Bernie can swing independents, Trump voters, conservatives; Warren can't. Bernie can win in the states that Clinton lost to Trump in 2016; Warren can't. Bernie can speak to the suffering of the poor and the Rust Belt states that were abandoned by the Democrats; Warren can't. Bernie doesn't have a host of ticking time bombs and scandals that, even if Democrats won't touch them now, Trump will ruthlessly use as ammo in the general election (systematically lying about her past in several different ways, being a registered Republican in the 80s); Warren does.

Trump would LOVE to go up against Warren instead of Bernie. If the Democrats are serious about beating Trump, they don't have a choice but to unite behind Bernie. Does the DNC want to win? Then, sorry, you don't get to keep the status quo. The energy of the party is with Bernie, the people that your party left behind are with Bernie, and Bernie is the safer choice against Trump. Unite or lose.

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