Folks, it’s not Bernie’s style to point out flaws in other candidates. WE have to do this, far and wide.

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I'm not saying getting ugly. But Bernie is already and constantly on thin ice with the DNC, and of course, he's technically an Independent, which we get reminded of every minute of every hour.

WE need to be pointing out to people, online and in person, because if Bernie tries to do much of this, he will get the same old garbage about "HE'S NOT EVEN A DEMOCRAT!"

Kamala Harris' prosecutor background is very concerning. Cory Booker's sell-out to drug companies is a non-starter, or it should be. We need to do all we can to make Democratic primary voters aware of these things.

It will NOT be a fair fight, as we know from 2016. But that knowledge will help us in this fight. We gotta do this.

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