Girlfriend left me to due to my support for Bernie (looking for advice/comfort)

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Well. It is over it would seem. My old woman left me.

She was from a conservative family. So, she hated conservatives! Haha. We were both VIRULENT Bernie supporters. We met in the middle of 2015. Love at first sight (we both HATED Trump, so a lot in common). She never let my unrelenting support of the (soon to be) President get between us. My passion for politics and Sanders, she said, is what attracted her to me. She let it slide when I missed a date for a rally, and when we postponed moving in together in 2016 so we could fight the uphill battle with donations.

But now it is over.

When she found out I spent our emergency fund on a donation to the Sanders campaign for 2020, she FREAKED out. I tried to explain that every dollar counts and that Bernie doesn't get those giant corporate donations like other Washington fat cats, but she didn't care. All she cared about was the money. Money, money, money.

I told her we needed to stop Trump at any cost, and she agreed… But she just wouldn't stop crying. I showed her the support he was getting, the upvotes, his rally crowd… But it didn't really help. She said it wasn't about Sanders, it was about us.

But as far as I'm concerned, me and Bernie are a package deal. She knew what she was getting into. The wallstreet scumwads aren't crying, they are winning.

So, after the whole emergency fund dispute, we made up for the time being. But then our car broke down. The fix up was $ 1300. And we didn't have no money to go for. I borrowed money from her dad (who she doesn't speak to because of political disagreements, he is pro-life, we are pro-abortion). And she FLIPPED.

I told him not to tell her, but she saw the bank statement and FUCK. She is gone to her friend Jason's house and I'm here festering in my own misery and filth. I'm lost without her. 2020 feels worlds away, and I don't know what to do. I've put all the time and money I have into the Sanders campaign in the past few years, and even now when he is running again, I feel hollow inside. I never expected such a betrayal from the woman I love. And for my political beliefs? I feel disgusted and betrayed.

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