Guys our future President is walking around without security or bodyguards WTH is going on?

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Seriously this topic specially bothers me because history is FILLED, yes FILLED, with good guys being taken out by sociopaths or simply people who dont care about anything else than their righteous crazy ideals.

How is Bernie even allowed by his own team to walk around without safety or security?

The campaign needs to take this seriously because it does send a very weird message to the people that he is not valuing his safety, his life or this movement.

I say this because I already watched over TWO videos on twitter of him walking around the street LITERALLY by himself, like WTF?

I would volunteer to make sure he is safe if I had too.

This bothers me a lot because I cannot stand the idea of something stupid or unpredictable happening simply because he did not have security.

Hell he should have SECRET SERVICE he is the fvkn FRONT RUNNER.

In 2016 he had SECRET SERVICE.

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