Health Insurance is a SCAM in this Country. What a SHAME that no Politicians Will Stand up to the Lobbyists!

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My mom is currently battling cancer for the umpteenth time, and is navigating the ridiculous insurance system that has crippled millions of Americans’ lives and lead to the death of millions more.

She is being denied treatment that has been recommended by her radiologist. The radiologist scheduled a peer-to-peer at the insurance company’s request to determine whether or not she needs the procedure, and the insurance company scheduled it with a general practitioner whose most insightful input was “this is out of my realm and I don’t know enough about the topic”. Nothing against the GP, but why schedule a peer-to-peer with someone who won’t know about the topic? Predictably enough the procedure was then denied.

How is it possible that, despite a professional with years of education and experience requesting a procedure, despite the high premiums that workers and their employers pay for health insurance (it is a company plan), despite living in THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN HISTORY, it is ACCEPTED, ENCOURAGED, AND NORMAL for insurance companies to screw their customers out of medical treatment?

Maybe if, instead of spending billions yearly negotiating premiums, introducing administrative roadblocks, and finding loopholes to screw over their customers, we had a healthcare system that followed the rule of law, healthcare wouldn’t be SO DAMN EXPENSIVE AND INACCESSIBLE.

A big middle finger to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Cancel your plans with them.

P.S. Fully represents my personal beliefs and I was already a Bernie supporter – I am not posting just because I am frustrated with the situation at hand, but because YOU should be too.

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