Help with specific facts regarding understanding republican tax proposals, immigration reform, and trump “not being able to to be bought” over the course of the administrations.

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I was talking to an older family member the other day and realized despite a loose understanding of whats gone on in the last 4 years or so i dont really seem to have a thorough understanding of EXACTLY what has been done vs what has been said/promised in regards to these issues. Im really not looking for an anti-gop/trump burn list here showing theyve done a shit job or whatever, just someway to be able to get actual facts on this issue so that i can actually discuss it if it comes up. If anyone has any kinda links/sources or a good suggestions where to start it would be much appreciated. Iv been a lot better the past year about staying informed and keeping up to date with the news but pre-2020 i just wasnt very good about it because to be honest im young and i felt like it matter to me. I see thats now the opposite case and am having to play catch up, so again, thanks in advance for any help.

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