Here’s Why I’m a Supporter of More Pro-Worker Policies and Less Hours of Work

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I've put a lot of thought into why I would like more policies that support better wages and working conditions for people. I'm a fan of a few of the Democratic candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, because I think we need a lot of change in how our economy works.

Where I live, the majority of job listings online state the pay to be around $ 14 – $ 18, and the job postings often want people to do the work of 2 people. Many businesses are under a lot of stress and volatility. Earning $ 14 – $ 18 dollars an hour in the city means you're barely making it. We need a lot of change to happen.

Besides those opportunities, a certain portion of people are earning near 6 figures or above with graduate degrees. Not everyone can afford to go back to school and get a graduate degree, or a different degree that fits the current economic demands.

If one is lucky, one makes $ 50,000 to $ 60,000 a year in the city where I live, with a decent number of years of experience or with certain qualifications. Maybe $ 70,000 a year. That's not enough to save long-term for retirement.

We need a LOT of change to happen economically for people to be able to pay the bills, create some savings, and to have a better economy and society.

With so many tech advances that have taken jobs away or changed how people do business, why are people doing MORE work (like the jobs of two people), for pay that barely lets people get by?

It seems like the economy and job market is really messed up. We need the government or other organizations to intervene and allow people to do higher-quality work, for less hours, and with better pay. That way people can have better lives and be more able to reach their potential.

Thank you all for your work to help a Democratic candidate get elected.

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