How to Make the Right Argument for Medicare for All

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I've tried to open some conversations about this with friends and family, and I'm not good at countering their points. Here's an example.

"Universal healthcare doesn’t work bud. Take a look at Canada’s healthcare options; in order to receive care in a timely manner, the majority of Canadians are paying for a supplemental insurance to help fast track their care. Who wants to wait 6 months + to be approved for a serious medical procedure? This unfortunately is the norm under the umbrella of that healthcare system UNLESS you’re paying."

This is from a person I admire, so I want to make a counterpoint in a respectful way that can maybe get them to question their position. I'm not sure if the point is actually true. Debate isn't my strong point, so I need to concentrate on it.

I replied that I understand there's no perfect fix for healthcare, but I need to offer a proper, feasible point.

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