How would you respond to this? (The I-work-hard-keep-the-gvt-out argument)

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I came across this textbanking—wondering what you all would say.

"Well the first problem I have is that in my entire life I have never lived paycheck to paycheck for a sudden illness. I have gone to college and got my degree, I have served in the United States military. I have become a chef on the Las Vegas strip, I followed my passions and I achieved everything that I wanted to achieve. And I'll tell you the first thing that was required for me to get these was hard work. I never once asked for a handout from the government. And I'll tell you that the big bad corporations never held me back from doing what I needed to do. I find it a lazy excuse for people to blame others for their lot in life. Right now in my life I have a job that I love, I attend church every Sunday and I love the Lord, I have three children that are tough but I love them more than anything else. My wife is the strongest person I know, and I wouldn't give her up for anything in this world. Too many times people make excuses for something that's hard, And they give up and make excuses that somebody else held them down. If I had lost anything that I have right now it wouldn't be anybody's fault but my own. Bernie Sanders stands for more government stepping in and telling us how to live, I want the government to leave me alone. That is why I support Trump 2020."

Thanks, everyone!

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