I am a European and I think about coming to Iowa and volunteer for Bernie. I have some questions !

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Hello everybody !

So. My name is Jan and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. As I'm very interested in US politics and I am a big fan of Bernie, I've had a foolish idea today, to just take a plane and go to Iowa for cca the last 2 weeks of the campaign. Firstly, do you think that the Bernie campaign needs people like me, not speaking English perfectly, so not very useful for speaking with voters ? (But I guess there's always a lot of other stuff to do ?) Secondly, my budget is very limited and the tickets would be expensive of course, so I cannot come unless some other volunteer can provide me accomodation for 2 weeks. Do you know how it works for people coming to campaign for Bernie to a state they're not living in ? Is it common that the volunteers living in the state help the others and let them sleep on their sofa or something ? Where to get in touch with them ?

I've already registred for today's "webinar" on Bernie's site, so hopefully they will be able to answer my questions, but I thaught that you guys may have some experience and advices too.

Many thanks !!


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