I am Ro Khanna; Justice Democrat, Representative from Silicon Valley, and National Campaign Co-Chair for Bernie Sanders. Ask me anything!

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Hello Reddit! It’s great to be back to answer your questions. I’m Ro Khanna, National Campaign Co-Chair for Bernie 2020, Justice Democrat, Democratic representative from Silicon Valley, and founder of the No PAC and Antitrust caucuses in the House. Before we get started, here’s a few quick things about me and my background:

I have fought for ordinary Americans over the corporations and special interests who influence our elections since my first day in Congress. I’m a strong supporter of Medicare for All and College for All and was one of the first co-sponsors of the Green New Deal in the House. I refuse all PAC donations and fight every day for campaign finance reform, including the Democracy Dollars bill which would loosen the stranglehold that corporate money holds over our elections and redirect fundraising efforts toward grassroots donors.

I also think it’s time for us to stop endless wars and start using a foreign policy of restraint and diplomacy. Period. For the first time in U.S. history, Bernie and I passed the War Powers Resolution through both houses to end the war in Yemen, and this year, also introduced another War Powers Resolution that passed the House to prevent a war in Iran.

Bernie and I have also worked together to successfully pressure Amazon to raise wages to $ 15/hour and introduced the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act to significantly lower the massive costs of medicine in this country. On the Oversight committee, I’ve fought to hold Big Pharma accountable for abusing the patent system and making massive profits off drugs developed with public research. I’ve pushed back on those who think that the solution for millions of people losing their health insurance during COVID-19 is expanding COBRA. Instead, I am demanding that we expand Medicare to them and eventually to all Americans.

People across this country are in need of immediate help and Congress is not moving quickly enough to provide relief. I have been fighting tirelessly on bold action, including working with Tim Ryan on providing $ 2,000/month to working and middle class Americans for the duration of this crisis. Right now, essential workers are not receiving the dignity or pay they deserve. That’s why Elizabeth Warren and I have also introduced the Essential Workers Bill of Rights that would require companies to provide hazard pay to essential workers and the PPE needed to keep them safe. It also guarantees health care and child care, includes whistleblower protections, and ends the practice of employers' misclassifying workers as "independent contractors.”

Lastly, I am leading the effort for an Internet Bill of Rights that will restore net neutrality, protect privacy rights, and give every American control over the use of their data. I have also travelled to Appalachia and across the Midwest to work on creating tech jobs in areas where people have been left behind for too long. I was proud to work with local officials in Jefferson, IA to open the Forge — a tech training center.

Together we are building a new progressive era where nobody is left behind. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

– Ro

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