I (Bernie supporter) am visiting my (Trump supporters) family for the holidays. Should I keep it to myself?

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I value table-side politics. It's humanizing and it removes taboo. But I also try and have tact. There's a time and place for everything, and this might not be either. Thoughts?

I only ask, because usually I'm brought into it. As an EMT/pre-med student, they know I'm in favor of universal health care, harm-reduction facilities, etc. We might be watching FOX (because everything else is fake), and they'll ask "is x what you want?", "how could you support x?", "don't you know x?".

I'm good at not succumbing to visceral reactions/emotional quips, but the responses I usually receive after sharing my thoughts are:

– I use to be a democrat when I was your age

– you'll understand once you pay taxes

– let's talk about something else

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