I can’t vote in the election but donated for the second time!

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I live in Puerto Rico, and although I am, and was born, a U.S Citizen, I am not eligible to vote in the general election, due to our colonial status. For whatever strange reason, we do get to vote in the primaries, and in 2016 I voted for Bernie!

The political situation here is trash, and extremely complicated, and I want to do all that I can to help fix it; and I think Bernie is probably the only candidate who will even attempt to address the disastrous situation on the island. We’ve had a rough couple of years, and time and again, Bernie is the only candidate I hear even mentioning Puerto Rico.

A quick example: during the 2016 cycle, Bernie came to PR, visited very poor areas, and gave a speech at the public university. He even took time out to speak to the massive amount of people who couldn’t get in to see the speech. Hillary sent Bill, who hung out with politicians.

I just read yet another article of the “Bernie is leading in Iowa, buuuut…” variety, and decided to donate $ 7 to Tío Bernie, after donating last year! Since I can’t vote for him in the general, I feel like it’s how I can do my part.

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