I did some thinking to see Bernie’s chances at winning. These are my conclusions

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Let’s establish something: unless he resigns or is removed from office (both unlikely), Trump will be the republican candidate.

I think the biggest hurdle for Bernie to truly overcome will be winning the democratic nomination. Bernie winning means both Republicans and Democrats make less money, and therefore a lot of people are going to go against him, even Democrats. If you want Bernie to win, you NEED to turn out at primaries.

If Bernie does not win, I fear Donald Trump will go another 4 years, for reasons I’ll describe below.

But, if he does win the primary, Bernie actually has a very good chance of winning. Bernie’s campaign has converted many voters, especially over the last 3 years. Less people fear Bernie because of socialism than ever.

I’d like you to remember something; in 2016, Clinton lost 304-227. It’s not a small margin but certainly not the “crushing defeat” republicans want you to believe.

But, I think Clinton lost for numerous reasons; the biggest being a lot of her own party didn’t like her. A lot of people voted for trump simply because they really didn’t want Clinton to win. I recall, the logic was that “Trump might be a bumbling idiot but he won’t go to war” (not my own thoughts).

But BERNIE has actual support from the public, not fake support that Clinton had. He hopefully won’t have the same issue Clinton had.

Also, it’s worth nothing Trump has lost support over his presidency. I think it’s a good bet at least some of those people would vote Bernie.

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