I have a little suggestion about creating content to support Bernie’s campaign…

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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone doing work for the Sanders campaign. I think he is the most compassionate and sensible candidate running. And I think the GND is absolutely necessary to deal with a wide variety of serious problems.

That said, Bernie's support among older people is still lagging behind. I think this is largely due to the fact that older people consume more corporate media and have less ability to find information on the internet. Part of that needs to be addressed by Bernie's campaign with money spent on traditional advertising focused at older people. But, also, I think youtubers and other content creators can make content directed at older voters and then shown to those older voters by his younger supporters.

I think this would be easier for a lot of people than trying to convince grandma and grandpa with simple verbal engagement. Not saying verbal engagement is unimportant or totally ineffective, but it's not easy for everyone and sometimes older people don't give their grandkids the respect they deserve.

So I'm asking Bernie-supporting content creators to create some messages which speak to the concerns of older people and then I'm asking his other young supporters to go out of their way to share the best content with their older relatives.

We can do this! #Bernie2020

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